Khalid Al Ameri Shows Kamiya Jani The World’s Heaviest Gold Ring In Dubai | Curly Tales

by Mallika Khurana
Khalid Al Ameri Shows Kamiya Jani The World’s Heaviest Gold Ring In Dubai | Curly Tales

While Dubai bling is just one peek into the glamour the city of Dubai holds, it is a place that will leave you in awe often. Popular for his witty personality, YouTuber Khalid Al Ameri gives us a vision of what Dubai holds for us. And that brings us to our recent Sunday Brunch episode where Khalid Al Ameri explored the stunning city with our Editor-in-chief Kamiya Jani. Starting off on a friendly note, their conversation had a spark you wouldn’t want to miss.

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Khalid Al Ameri Saw World’s Heaviest Gold Ring With Kamiya

Khalid took it upon himself to show Kamiya around the most popular and must-visit spots in Dubai. And naturally, their first spot was the Guinness World Record holder, the heaviest gold ring in the world.

Khalid shared that this ring is the first thing people come to see when they visit Dubai. It is also one of the most popular picture spots in the city. So of course, Kamiya had to take a picture in front of it. 

Being a gentleman, Khalid went on to take her pictures with the heaviest gold ring in the world.

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They Explored Dubai Gold Souq Together

Khalid Al Ameri
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They explored the Gold Souq together and it was a really fun experience. Gold Souq is a market in Dubai with traditional shops, primarily selling real gold jewellery. You can also find some silver pieces there. The bling in the market surely must have been overwhelming.

With both Khalid Al Ameri and Kamiya Jani being popular personalities, people around them were crazed to see them. Both of them clicked a lot of pictures with the crowd, adding to the exciting experience.

They next visited a store with spices on display along with ingredients for herbal remedies. The store also had a few ingredients burning with thick smoke coming out of them. Khalid shared that this smoke is supposed to be taken towards the clothes so that the particles stick. He also shared that if we visit a traditional household there, it is customary to welcome the guests by burning this smoke.

They went on to discuss more interesting things and to know more about it, watch the video linked above!

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