Khichdi Garden In Borivali Serves 101 Types Of Khichdi

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Khichdi Garden In Borivali Serves 101 Types Of Khichdi
Comfort food has always meant Khichdi in Indian households. Healthy, filling and a tasty snack, you will see Khichdi in a whole new light at the latest restaurant addition in Borivali, Mumbai, Khichdi Garden. Very aptly named, Khichdi Garden serves a whopping 101 types of Khichdi and no we are not kidding. There’s Herbal Khichdi, Thai Khichdi, South Indian Style Khichdi and SO MUCH more to look forward to and try. What are you waiting for? Can you try all 101 flavours available here or are you going to stick to good old Khichdi the traditional style?
Khichdi Garden
Khichdi, one of the most loved dishes prepared at home but it doesn’t stop there at Khichdi Garden in Borivali. They took it not 1 not 2 but 101 steps ahead and are ready to serve you with a wholesome 101 types of Khichdi. Flavours coming together from India as well as International markets, they are all set to give your taste buds a treat.
101 Types Of Khichdi
Just to give you a sneak peek of what all flavours to expect, apart from your traditional and homestyle khichdis, there will be Schezuan Khichdi, Pest Khichdi, Pongal Khichdi, Macaroni Khichdi, Bisi Belle Bhat Khichdi, Cur Rice Khichdi, Chinese Khichdi, Taco Khichdi, Achaari Paneer Khichdi, Oats Khichdi, Aloo Orange Khichdi, Pudina Pineapple Khichdi and the list goes on and on!! Are you ready to try these CRAZY Khichdis? Which is your first pick?
What’s more! It doesn’t stop there, in addition to these wide varieties of Khichdis, the restaurant also serves a specially curated Punjabi, Gujarati and Rajasthani menu to add to your food trails.
So whether you’re looking for lunch with your colleagues or quality time with your family, it’s time you walk in here and get pampered. After all, #SabkiPasandDesiPasand. Agreed?
Address: Khichdi Garden, Simpoli Road, Opp Reliance Mall, Dalvi Nagar, Borivali West, Dalvi Nagar, Borivali, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092
Contact: 022 2898 4005
Price: All Khichdis are Rs 225 (small) and Rs 355 (large)