Known As A Village Of Taboos & Famous For Cannabis, Malana In Himachal Has Strict Rules; Know Them

What is common among Alexander The Great, a cream and cannabis? It’s Malana!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Known As A Village Of Taboos & Famous For Cannabis, Malana In Himachal Has Strict Rules; Know Them

Malana is that quaint village that you have heard about only in the books. But guess what? This one exists right at the height of 8,701 ft above sea level. Surrounded by lush greens, it is a village with some strict rules and regulations but is also known for its cannabis activities. We know we have got a few seconds’ attention from all the cannabis consumers but Malana is not just a hill town. It offers beyond those five leafy things. There is a reason this spot is also called the Village of Taboos, we will uncover why that is so. Tag along with us. 

Himachal Pradesh’s Malana Has Some Strict Rules You Should Know About

Malana is known to have a peculiar character which alludes to its culture and the people living there. The inhabitants of this place are called Malanis! Here are some of the rules you should know before visiting Malana:

  • Hunting of wild animals, the main occupation during the Stone Age which is now a hobby for many, can only be done during a specific time throughout the year. That too with the permission of Malana’s council.
  • Cutting down trees, cutting nails and burning wood is strictly forbidden. You better clip your nails before you go! The rest of that is because they are protective of their natural resources.
  • Police intervention is completely off the table as it is not allowed here. If someone wishes to acquire help from the police, they have to pay ₹1000 to the village council as a fine! Yes, you read that right, a FINE.
  • Travellers visiting this place as believed to be ‘untouchables’ by the locals because they are outsiders. This can also allude to the fact the inhabitants believe in the descendants of Alexander The Great and belong to the Aryan race. Travellers are not allowed to touch Malanis without their permission as they consider themselves superior to the rest of the world.

  • Continuing with the same fact, Malana’s Jamadagni Temple is a sacred temple that is not open to outsiders. You can visit the spot but not go inside the temple or touch the walls.
  • Some dry twigs or branches are allowed to be taken outside of this village.
  • If a Malani marries someone from outside the village, they are exiled from the village permanently.
  • Polygamy is allowed for the man only but he has to provide for everything if he ever divorces any one of his wives.

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Another Cool Fact: One Of The Oldest Decomcry Of The World

When you visit this village, you get to know that there is not much development here, technologically. Malana is very much intact to its roots and Malanis also adhere to the rules and regulations. This village has its parliamentary system and is known as one of the oldest democracies in the world. It was guided by a sage called, Jamlu rishi, as said by the locals. Say what! 

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Those were some of the craziest yet fascinating rules we have come across in a village. Will you be planning a trip to Malana anytime soon?

Cover Image Credits: X/himachal_queen

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