Korean Blogger Asks For Chai From Shopkeeper In Hindi; Netizens Impressed

by Tooba Shaikh
Korean Blogger Asks For Chai From Shopkeeper In Hindi; Netizens Impressed

If there’s anything that Indians love, it is when foreigners show ‘apnapan’ towards the country and respectfully embrace our traditions, language, and food. Many foreigners like to visit India and show their love to our beautiful country. In an instance that is not entirely dissimilar, a Korean food and travel blogger and influencer decided to embrace two of the country’s most beloved things, the Hindi language and chai. Netizens, of course, are all praise for such a show of respect and admiration.

Korean Blogger Asks For Chai In Hindi

In a video posted around a month ago, a Korean food and travel vlogger Yong Hwi Lee posted a short video on Instagram. Evidently, he was visiting India and according to his Instagram posts, is still in the country. The video showed him asking for a chai in kulhad in Hindi.

The video starts with him speaking in Korean letting everyone know that he is currently in India. It then follows the vlogger to a tea shop where he is heard saying “Meetha wala chai do” (Give sweet chai). He also asks for a kulhad chai in Hindi. Kulhads are disposable earthen cups made specifically for drinking beverages that are native to India. He is heard saying “Kulhad chai ek dijiye” (Give one Kulhad chai).

To add to this adorable situation, he is also heard passing comments on chai in Hindi like “Ginger toh thoda aaraha hai.” Presumably, he is saying that he appreciates the scent of ginger in the tea.


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Netizens Are Impressed And Applaud His Effort

Any earnest attempt to assimilate in any culture other than one’s own is, more often than not, met with appreciation and encouragement. This is situation was no different. Netizens did not waste any time in appreciating the vlogger’s attempt to speak in Hindi and were impressed by how coherent it was.

Since it was first posted on Instagram, it has garnered close to 70,000 thousand likes and even more views. There have been a variety of reactions to these videos which are appreciative of the individual’s effort to communicate in Hindi.

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