5 Korean Restaurants In Dubai That Promises A Mouthwatering Treat

by Ishita Agarwal
5 Korean Restaurants In Dubai That Promises A Mouthwatering Treat

Are you searching for a Korean restaurant in Dubai for amazing Korean food? We have taken care of everything for you. Suppose you are interested in real Korean cuisine, a dining place sizzling up amazing Korean barbecue meals, or even if you are simply interested in trying some pricey Korean food. In that case, there is a lot to look at here in Dubai. So, let’s check out 5 Korean restaurants in Dubai that you need to must visit! 

1. HYU Korean Restaurant

HYU is a great place to eat in JLT since it combines the finest Korean food with a cosy atmosphere. It was founded by a husband-and-wife team in 2010 and has since become a popular destination for health-conscious diners. Moreover, the restaurant has everything from tofu soup and kimchee pancakes to bulgogi and crispy fowl. You’ll also notice that each table has its grill, making it easy to cook up some steak. Additionally, the value for money is superb in one of the best Korean restaurants in Dubai. In particular, you will like their pan-fried dumplings, for which the restaurant is well-known among us. 

  • Where: O2 House, Collection O, JLT
  • Contact: (050 227 3004) 
  • Price: AED 240 for two 



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2. Kimpo 

Is anybody keen on a Korean-style deep-fried fowl with hops? This Korean food truck is calling your name if that sounds like your cup of tea. In addition, Chef Sung Choul Lee oversees Kimpo, located in Conrad Dubai and offers an authentic chimaek experience — a pairing of deep-fried hen and hops that is extremely popular in Korea. Um, oh my gosh! 

  • Where: Conrad Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Roadway
  • Contact: (04 444 7444)
  • Price: AED 320 for two 



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3. Manna Land

Another one of the best Korean restaurants in Dubai, within a stone’s throw from 2nd December Road, never fails to thrill me. Tender yachae bulgogi marinated meat is one of the best options. The substantial kimchi ljigae stew, with its particular Korean tanginess, and the delectable japchae glass noodles and meat may be barbecued by you at the table’s food preparation terminal. Whatever you get, including the spicy smoked jjim mussels and other seafood, is astonishingly fresh. After more than a decade of serving delicious and genuine Korean cuisine, now is the perfect opportunity to try it out. 

  • Where: Al Ketbi Building, Satwa
  • Contact: (04 345 3200)
  • Price: AED 190 for two 


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4. The Sky Korean Restaurant & Bar

The Korean cuisine served at The Skies perfectly complements the surroundings. The crew responds quickly and in great numbers to the surprisingly big groups of Asian visitors. Moreover, bibimbap or a fish and shellfish pancake are among the many options on the extensive menu. Your preferred version of traditional Korean cuisine is now available, prepared to your exact specifications making it one of the best Korean restaurants in Dubai. 

  • Where: Golden Tulip Al Barsha, Al Barsha
  • Contact: (04 341 7750)
  • Price: AED 200 for two


5. Seoul Garden 

Seoul Garden, one of the best Korean restaurants in Dubai, serves a wide variety of genuine Korean dishes. You may find fried kimchi pancakes, braised soft tofu stew, and noodle and hot meat pots here. Moreover, children are welcome, and there is a Wi-Fi connection available. To be on the safe side, book a table ahead of time, so you don’t miss out on a table for your group. 

  • Where: Ground Level, Zomorodah Building, Al Karama, Dubai
  • Contact: +971-4-337-7876
  • Price: AED 170 for two 


Get ready to enjoy the symphony in your mouth. 

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