Kriti Sanon Has A Beautiful Habit Where She Walks While Talking On The Phone

Kriti Sanon considers the simple act of walking, a great part of the workout.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Kriti Sanon Has A Beautiful Habit Where She Walks While Talking On The Phone

For this Sunday Brunch episode, Kriti Sanon spoke with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani about her skincare line, work life, food choices and more. She also shared that she does this activity while talking on the phone; read on to know which activity.

Kriti Sanon Ends Up Walking While Conversing On The Phone

Kriti Sanon has a very hectic schedule and jumps from one work to another. She barely has time for herself, so when she is on her off days, she does absolutely nothing. She is just as lazy as we are, she wouldn’t even lift her arm. We relate to her so much! Hence, Kamiya questioned if she did get in a workout on her off days. She replied, “Not on that day. Even if I am not able to on some days, I do walk.”

The habit that she didn’t try to make a habit but now is, is the walk-and-talk combination. She elaborated on the same, “I have this beautiful habit which I didn’t try to create.” Yet she told us that there is an invisible “spring” inside her body which springs up whenever someone calls her. This action is done unknowingly and involuntarily because she walks around even when she is sick or has injured or aching legs. Wow! Now that is some dedication towards walking.

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Her Walking Speed Increases When She Is Under Stress

Kriti Sanon
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Kriti Sanon doesn’t even need to have proper space for roaming around while taking on the phone. She spoke to us about how she just walks in her room and the more stressed she is, her speed of walking automatically increases. Kamiya laughed out loud when she heard this.

Kriti Sanon elaborated that there were many occasions when she walked a lot because she was talking on the phone. Once she hurt her knee and her dad caught her walking in her room. So he told her to just stop walking as it would slow her recovery.

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Who all are team walk-and-talk? Kriti Sanon is a very passionate member of it!

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