Kriti Sanon Talks About The Things That Irritate Her The Most

Kriti Sanon would appreciate it if you did not chew your food loudly in front of her.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Kriti Sanon Talks About The Things That Irritate Her The Most

For this Sunday Brunch episode, our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani was joined by the multi-talented Kriti Sanon. She has given blockbuster hits, won a National Award and simultaneously won hearts across the world. We chatted about films, her future projects, her food habits and more. We learned some of the things that irritate her and you should avoid doing these things if you meet her in real life.

Kriti Sanon Shared The Things That Irritate Her

Kamiya asked Kriti Sanon what things irritated her while playing a fun game on this Sunday Brunch. In response, she said that she doesn’t like when someone drags their feet while walking. The other thing is when people make sounds while eating and she says, “Oh my God, I can’t bear that sound.” We agree, it makes you squeamish.

Whenever someone is on the call with Kriti Sanon and happens to be chewing, she politely tells them “You eat first and then call me.” This made Kamiya laugh out loud and she declared that she would be more careful today while eating with her. She even went on to say that she would close her mouth and eat.

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This Is How She Got COVID-19

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Kamiya asked Kriti Sanon if she could share spoons or straws with someone else. To which Kriti replied that she doesn’t have a problem with eating someone’s jhuta and it doesn’t really bother her. Kamiya absolutely cannot eat jhuta and it truly irritates her when someone offers her used spoons or straws.

Kriti Sanon shared that she got infected with COVID-19 by sharing used utensils and food. She started laughing embarrassingly and told us that she would not share who it was.

In clarification, Kriti told us that she didn’t actually know that her friends had contracted COVID-19. She also specified that she just shares jhuta with her close friends and not just with anyone. I mean we all do that from time to time even when someone is super hygienic, when it comes to food and besties we don’t see jhuta as jhuta. After all, they are called besties for a reason!

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Comment down below if you got COVID-19 the same way Kriti Sanon did.

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