Kriti Sanon’s Rest Day Is All About Lying Down On Bed Whole Day Without Taking A Shower

by Ankita Mazumdar
Kriti Sanon’s Rest Day Is All About Lying Down On Bed Whole Day Without Taking A Shower

On this exciting Sunday Brunch edition, Kriti Sanon spoke with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. Kriti Sanon is known for her great performances in Mimi, Kalank, Heropanti, Dilwale, Raabta, and more. She has paved the way for her success and has become one of the most hardworking and popular actresses, for the time being. She even launched a beauty brand in addition to a new production firm. During the episode, she talks about winning her National Award 2023 for her actress, how she manifested the award and more. We had a fun time gorging on tacos, pizza, croquettes and more, watch it.

Kriti Sanon’s Rest Day Is All About This

It is pretty much evident that Kriti Sanon is a workaholic and doesn’t mind working back-to-back. But she told us what she does when she has a rest day. It is a very normal thing and we also end up doing it once in a while. Kriti Sanon kind of isolates herself from the outside world on her days off.

She informed us that she spends all of her downtime lying in bed, without moving at all. The bed becomes her everything on her rest days. Kriti said she spends most of her time in bed but occasionally gets up and moves around. She even told us that she would skip taking a shower to be in bed for the rest of her day. She added to not judge her on the fact that she doesn’t shower during those days.

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She continued, “I don’t wanna do anything. Aaj mujhe kuch mat bolo, aaj mujhe koi kaam nahi hai.” Seriously Kriti, we are not gonna judge you cause we won’t accept it but deep down we all have done this. We get it, rest days are for resting and the bed becomes your go-to place. Now, we are eagerly looking forward to our next rest day and we bet we will do the same.

She Does This For Early Morning Shoots

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Kamiya went on to say that she can’t sleep the night before if her shoot call time is very early in the morning. Therefore, she wanted to ask about what Kriti does when she has to be awake for a very early morning shoot schedule. Does she not sleep at all or she is quick on her feet with the first ring of the alarm?

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To which she replied that if she is aware of the fact that she has a 5 AM shoot then her brain subconsciously keeps her reminding of this fact. She goes, “So, it’s like a mental alarm that’s going on.” Hmm, that is one way to put it but how do you guys work out when you are in a situation like this, let us know in the comments.

Kriti likes to relish these North Indian food and these are her go-to orders, catch the entire video to know more.

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