Kriti Sanon Had To Take The GMAT & Get A Good Score To Convince Her Parents To Pursue Acting

by Ankita Mazumdar
Kriti Sanon Had To Take The GMAT & Get A Good Score To Convince Her Parents To Pursue Acting

Kriti Sanon is a wonderful actress who truly wooed the nation with her iconic performances in Bareilly Ki Barfi, Mimi, and more movies. Recently, she joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, for a fun episode of Sunday Brunch. It was a rather laid-back episode, as Kriti often ends up working on Sundays as well. During an interesting conversation, they went on to discuss her manifestation methods, her national award for best actress for Mimi, how big of a foodie she is, and even how she became a pro-chef during the lockdown period! Check out the video to know all about it!

Kriti Sanon Had To Score Great At GMAT

Kriti Sanon is not just a talented actor but also an engineer herself. With a CA and a professor as parents, we were intrigued to know how she shifted to a completely different career path. We wanted to know if it took a lot of convincing her parents for her to pursue a career in the film industry. She told us that they wanted her to have a backup plan for herself in case this career pathway didn’t work out as planned.

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To ensure that backup, she had to secure a good score on the GMAT. Kriti added that when she came to Mumbai, she was juggling preparing for the GMAT, modelling, and auditioning for films. Luckily, the shooting schedule of her first Telugu film and Heropanti had a gap of two months between them. That was her only window to secure a good GMAT score and be sorted from the education line. She saw a chance and grabbed it.

She Said That This Middle-Class Thinking Is Fair Enough

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Kriti Sanon firmly agrees that keeping a backup plan was a good decision. She said that, coming from a non-film background as a middle-class person, it is better to have another pathway open. Kriti added, “Parents are worried about you.” We completely agree with this outlook; it is always better to be ready for what life throws at us. Kriti told us, “When you have a plan B, you are not desperate anymore. You are passionate but not desperate anymore.”

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We enjoyed a happy and lazy Sunday Brunch episode with Kriti Sanon while gorging on yummy food. We even played an exciting Jenga game while sipping on some delicious drinks! Check out the whole video to watch her crack a VERY lame joke. Comment your go-to PJ below.

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