This Is What Travelling For Work Looks Like For Kriti Sanon

by Ankita Mazumdar
This Is What Travelling For Work Looks Like For Kriti Sanon

She made headlines by winning the Award for Best Actress at the 69th National Film Awards in 2023. She practically manifested this award for herself. Presenting, Kriti Sanon who recently met with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, for this fun episode of Sunday Brunch. They discuss her favourite destination to travel to, who accompanies her on trips, her food adventures, her film Mimi, and more. Catch the video live below.

Kriti Sanon On Travelling While Working

We got to know, that Italy is on Kriti Sanon’s bucket list and we were excited for her to explore the beautiful country. We wanted to know how she plans outings when she travels to different places for work. She answered that it frankly depends on the shoot scheduling and during off days, she certainly tries to explore as much as she can.

She goes on to sum up her situation for us, “You have travelled to many places but you have not really been to most.” Kriti says “I have seen a lot but not really seen them”. We hope she gets to utilise most of her free time exploring the cities because it is indeed sad.

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Kriti Sanon tells us that there have been many times when she has wanted to revisit certain places. These places are generally the ones that she has shot at but never really explored much. So, she wants to explore specific places as a tourist in the city.

These Three Things Are Always In Her Bags

Kriti Sanon
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We asked her what are the three things she always has in her handbag. Kriti replied, “Lip balm, perfume, and sunglasses.” She went on to add that everything is pretty much dumped in the handbag. Kriti also told us that she is not an organised person, though she may look like an organised person.

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Head over to Curly Tales’ YouTube to learn more about Kriti Sanon and what she likes to relish at her home. Comment down below what you think she was as a kid – a shy one or the most outgoing one?

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