We Asked Kriti Sanon About Solo Travelling And This Is What She Thinks About It

by Ankita Mazumdar
We Asked Kriti Sanon About Solo Travelling And This Is What She Thinks About It

Did you know that Kriti Sanon made her debut in the Telugu film industry before she embarked on her Bollywood journey? The talented Kriti Sanon had already made a name for herself before entering the Hindi film industry in Heropanti. She recently embarked on a new entrepreneurial journey and launched her own beauty brand. Kriti Sanon met our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, on this fun episode of Sunday Brunch, to talk about her food favourites, travel experiences, winning the National Award for her film – Mimi, her manifestation methods, and more.

Kriti Sanon Said This About Solo Travelling

Kamiya asked Kriti about her thoughts on solo travel and if she had ever taken a solo trip. To this, she replied that she is not a person who deliberately takes up solo trips. She just simply cannot because she needs people around her.

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Kriti summed up her thoughts by saying, “I just feel like it’s so boring”. Kriti prefers to go on vacations with her family, sister, or friends, rather than taking solo trips. She is also particular about choosing her travel companion depending on the travel destinations. She is maintaining the correct vacation vibes, and we completely understand that.

Do You Know Where She Is Dying To Travel To?

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We already know that Kriti loves to travel and explore new cities. We wanted to know more about her travel experiences and what all are her bucket list destinations. She told us that she has been dying to visit the wonderful countries of Greece and Italy.

Then, she quickly hinted that she may be planning a trip to Italy soon! We hope she enjoys the freshly baked pasta and piping hot pizzas and has a buono time in Italy. Keep an eye out on Kriti’s Instagram handle for gorgeous snapshots of Italy.

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Watch this episode of Sunday Brunch and get to know more about her life, her eating habits, her upcoming film projects along her new pathways in directing her first film project which stars Kajol.

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