Kriti Sanon Shares A Hack On How To Be Fit Even When Eating It All

by Ankita Mazumdar

The National Award-winning actress, Kriti Sanon, has been in the industry long enough to make a mark for herself. She was last seen in the film, Adipurush, and is currently working on multiple projects. She is also trying out new ventures and has launched her production company ‘Blue Butterfly Films’ while also embarking on the beauty industry with ‘Hyphen’. On this episode of Sunday Brunch, Kriti Sanon joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, to discuss her acting career, how Sunday is not a Sunday for her,  she shares a hack to stay fit, and more. Watch the entire video linked below.

Kriti Sanon Shares A Fitness Hack Without Compromising On Taste

Kriti is very particular about her life but when it comes to food, she just can’t control herself. She is a true Punjabi foodie and doesn’t care much about dieting. We asked her if she had anything in particular for cheat meals, and turns out she goes for cheat meals every day.

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Her fitness hack is that you should work out and eat food in a balanced proportion. She stresses the fact that it is not good to binge eat  It is always better to eat in small quantities, and after that just burn it off with an intense workout.

She Practically Manifested Her National Award For The Best Actress

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Kriti said that she is a believer in manifestations and she is very particular about them. It doesn’t work when you are running after one thing day after day. So, we wanted to know how she manifested the National Award for Best Actress for her film, Mimi. She said that she had written it down in the year 2020.

During the Covid-19 pandemic era, Kriti was inclined to write down her goals and dreams. One of them was winning a National Award. She did manifest it and won the Best Actress Award at the 69th National Film Awards in 2023!

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Do you wanna know more about the gorgeous Kriti Sanon? Then watch this Sunday Brunch video to be enlightened about Kriti Sanon’s life. Also, did you know that she is a pro chef as well?

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