Punjabi Girl Kriti Sanon Loves Her Dal Makhani & Homemade Papdi Chaat

by Ankita Mazumdar
Punjabi Girl Kriti Sanon Loves Her Dal Makhani & Homemade Papdi Chaat

If Mimi, Kalank, Heropanti, Dilwale, Raabta, and Luka Chuppi have one thing in common, it is Kriti Sanon. She has made a place for herself and has been climbing the success ladder since then. She is multi-talented and has started a new production company as well as a beauty brand in recent months. Kriti Sanon joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, on this episode of Sunday Brunch, to talk about her award for Mimi, her love for beach destinations, her film journey in the industry, and a quick hack to stay fit. Watch the entire episode linked below.

Kriti Sanon Loves Dal Makhani & Homemade Papdi Chaat

As it was a Sunday Brunch episode, we wanted to know about the dishes she relishes on her non-working days. She replied that she really loves North Indian food.  She absolutely relishes eating the basics like Dal Makhani, Rajma Chawal and Butter Chicken.
Kriti Sanon is a true Punjabi girl, and she can’t get enough of her yummy food. She loves to gorge on the yummy homemade Papdi Chaat her mother prepares right from scratch. She even makes the papdis at home from scratch! And Kriti relishes this homemade treat to her heart’s content.

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This Is What The National Award-Winning Actress Does On Her Rest Day

Kriti Sanon
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Kriti Sanon is very hard working, yet, on her rest day, she dissociates completely from the world. She told us that her rest days are spent on the bed completely.  Kriti said that she might get up and walk around but stays mostly on the bed. She even told us that she would skip showers on that particular day. We don’t judge her for that, and frankly, neither should you. 

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Kriti also talked to us about her childhood days and how she was a rather shy kid, her methods of manifestation, and how she ended up being a pro chef. Comment down below if you know what hack she shared with the world. If you don’t know, then watch the entire Sunday Brunch video.

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