Kubbra Sait: During Ready, I Asked For Breakfast I Was Flung An Apple, Salman Came 5 Hours Later And Asked For Lunch

by Shreya Ghosh
Kubbra Sait: During Ready, I Asked For Breakfast I Was Flung An Apple, Salman Came 5 Hours Later And Asked For Lunch

Do you remember the Bollywood movie, Ready, starring Salman Khan and Asin? Yes, exactly that movie with the popular Dhinka Chika song we grew up listening to. That movie featured some of the biggest stars from the industry and most of us still remember the iconic comedy scenes. But do you know Kubbra Sait was in the movie too? The role of a house help played by Kubbra Sait is one of the forgettable characters of Ready. Recently, she recalled her moments during the shoot.

Kubbra Sait Shared How She Asked For Breakfast But Got An Apple Instead On Ready Sets


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In an interview with Faye D’Souza, the actor shared how she got only an apple for breakfast While filming the movie Ready. She recalled how they left the hotel as early as 5:30 am and people there flung an apple at her while she asked for her breakfast. While Kubbra asked for another apple, they flung it on her face. The shoot was supposed to begin at 10 in the morning but gradually it went on getting delayed for a long period of time.

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Kubbra shared with Faye how the shoot was about to start at around 10 am but that got late to 11 pm, 12 pm, and more as the hero of the movie, Salman Khan did not reach the set on time.

She Talked About How Salman Came 5 Hours Late To The Set

It was about 2:45 pm when Salman reached the set. The atmosphere changed totally and it was very evident that someone of huge importance, the lead actor of the movie had arrived. The crew was ready to start shooting the scenes. They were about to film on a golf course with huge windows. Salman khan made a grand entry in between the huge set and asked “Lunch break karein?” (Let’s go for a lunch break?)

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Kubbra jokingly shared how they had not worked at all till about 3 pm and she was surviving on just an apple for breakfast.

She also talked about how Salman always sat with all his co-actors at a big dining table so that everyone can eat together with him.

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