Labourer’s Daughter Inaugurates A Railway Station Escalator In Bangalore

Bangalore Railway station’s newly constructed escalator witnessed a one of a kind inauguration ceremony. No! The ribbon wasn’t cut by a minister, a Kannada movie star or any such celebrity. In fact, the escalator was inaugurated by 1o-year-old Begumma, the daughter of Chandbi, a labourer, who had worked at the project site for months. The inauguration of a government project by a common man is a remarkable step taken by the South Western Railway authorities.


What’s In It?

On 9th November, the escalator and renovated AC hall were scheduled to be inaugurated by an MP. But the imposition of Section 144 in the midst of the Ayodhya verdict put a halt to this function. But the MP made it clear the waiting room and escalator both should be opened to the public on the scheduled date no matter what.

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The railway authorities and the Bengaluru divisional railway manager Ashok Kumar Verma chose 10-year-old Begumma to cut the ribbon and inaugurate the escalator. Begumma’s 32-year-old mother, Chandbi is a labourer working on this project for months. So the authorities saw it right to involve them. Ashok Kumar Verma stated that they saw the mother and daughter sitting at the platform and asked them to inaugurate the facility. They were both surprised and happy. The AC waiting hall too was inaugurated by two random senior citizens waiting at the platform.

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What’s More?

The Southern Western Railway staff have also set the bar high when it comes to efficiency in their construction projects. A digital clock was installed in the railway station to display the number of days, hours and seconds it took to complete the construction project. The labourers and staff managed to complete the construction ahead of time. They finished it 1 day, 11 minutes and 57 seconds before the deadline. So kudos to that!

As an Indian, we feel proud to even read a headline which talks about a labourer’s daughter inaugurating a railway station in Bangalore. It indicates a step taken towards shattering the VIP culture in India and giving the common man the respect and gratitude for the thankless work they do each day, to make our lives easier. We hope to read and even write more such inspiring news articles in India. Check out Gaurav Warman Is Cycling 4000 km From Kanyakumari To Vaishno Devi To Battle Depression

Sanjana Shenoy
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