Faizabad Mosque Runs Food Bank To Feed The Needy

by Sanjana Shenoy
Faizabad Mosque Runs Food Bank To Feed The Needy

For all of us who click our phones and order food at our doorsteps in a jiffy, wait to eat homecooked meals prepared by our mothers and dine at exquisite fine dining restaurants, immense hunger complemented by the lack of means to afford it, is a situation we seldom face. But a majority of our population, unfortunately, face this situation on an everyday basis. To combat this very issue, a Faizabad mosque in Uttar Pradesh has started a food bank to feed the needy. This remarkable move was started by this Faizabad mosque to offer free food to the less privileged people of our community.

Picture Credits: indiatimes.com

How Did This Start?

This noble initiative was started at the Jama Masjid, Tat Shah as reported by Newsbits. The Faizabad mosque committee came up with this concept and implemented it at the bus stand in Faizabad. The goal was to help the poor, homeless, sick, or even people who get pickpocketed and long for a hot meal, irrespective of their gender, religion, caste or creed. The food gets distributed in the evening during dinner time and people are served a generous helping of roti, sabzi, dal and chawal.

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When this initiative initially started, little did people know that they would receive warm support from the public. Food is something that truly brings everyone closer, and this food bank is established by the Faizabad mosque in Uttar Pradesh truly brings everyone across all sections of the society closer thanks to its hot, fresh meals served by an empathetic community.

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Businessman, Shadab Ahmad Siddiqui said to Newsbits that this food bank was started during the holy month of Ramzan. And it sees people from various walks of life like labourers, rickshaw pullers, outsiders, travellers and many more people to stop for a hot wholesome meal. The brains being this food bank was the Masjid Committee.

What’s More?

Mr Gulzar who is closely associated with the Food Bank said that it was mutawalli Ghulam Ahmad Siddiqui’s wish to start the food bank. The Faizabad mosque is a significant mosque of the city and having a food bank would be in the best interest of the city. The food bank is not only a duty towards society but also towards their religion.

Picture Credits: newsbits

This amazing initiative by the Faizabad mosque has received appreciation and praise from all over the country. Communities across the country have been doing their bit towards feeding the unprivileged people of the society as a part of social or religious duty. And we couldn’t be prouder!

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