Ladies, These 14 Bars In Sydney Have Free, Accessible Period Care Items In Their Washrooms

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Ladies, These 14 Bars In Sydney Have Free, Accessible Period Care Items In Their Washrooms

All the ladies out there will surely relate to the fact that the anytime, anywhere system by periods is a torture! Not always will your periods be on time, and not always will you carry your period care with you. Such moments are so terrible when you get your periods but have no tampons or pads. Well, the good news is that these bars in Sydney have accessible period care items right in the washroom!

These Bars In Sydney Have Period Care In The Washroom

Some of the top bars and restaurants in Sydney are offering accessible period care items in their washrooms for free!

This innovative project has been made possible by Woom, an Australian business that makes organic and affordable period care, YCK Laneways, the collective that represents the nightlife district around York, Clarence, and Kent Streets in Sydney’s CBD, and all the other establishments. 

Woom was co-founded by Erin Moy. He founded Woom because they thought that every company has a duty to offer free period care to their staff, just like they offer toilet paper, and that one of the most crucial locations to make someone feel like they belong is in the bathroom. 

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Happy To Provide Period Care

Erin Moy also said that they are happy that the push to provide accessible period care is not just confined to work spaces anymore. It makes them happy to know that these amazing places in Sydney have also taken up this work.

She herself was many times caught out without period care and knows how terrible it can be. She loves the fact that they can prevent this from happening to other female customers in bars and restaurants.

Below is the list of bars offering this:

  1. The Barbershop
  2. Cash Only Diner
  3. Esteban
  4. The Lobo
  5. PS40
  6. Since I Left You
  7. The Swinging Cat
  8. Burrow Bar
  9. The Duke Of Clarence
  10. Jolene’s
  11. Papa Gede’s
  12. Sammy Jnr
  13. Stitch Bar
  14. Uncle Ming’s

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Cover Image Courtesy: unsplash