Laxman Fast Food In Delhi’s Qutub Institutional Area Is Ranbir Kapoor’s Favourite Spot For Keema Parathas


There are three things that we like about the film Rockstar: AR Rahman’s music, Ranbir Kapoor and Dilli meri jaan! But did you know, that during the shooting of the film, actor Ranbir Kapoor found a spot to dig into delicious keema parathas? No, it wasn’t a fancy restaurant; but a roadside dhaba!

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What’s More?

Laxman Fast Food is located in Qutub Institutional Area. What you might find hard to believe is that it quite famous among Bollywood actors and the crew as well. And what are they known for? Parathas!

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Winter is the best season to get your hands on some of the yummiest parathas in the city. While Delhi has quite a few spots, Laxman Fast Food has a soft spot in our hearts. From Keema to Chicken, Aloo to Gobhi and Paneer, they offer all kinds of stuffings in their parathas. Served with a big block of butter on top, it takes the flavour up by a notch.

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And So Cheap!

Their menu isn’t restricted to parathas only. In fact, all the dishes on their menu are delicious. Whether you order Fried Rice or Kadai Paneer, Handi Chicken or Bread Omelette, the food here will not disappoint. And the best part is that it is quite affordable. That, indeed, is one of the perks of dining in the university area of Delhi.

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A nicely stuffed Keema Paratha is priced at just ₹80, and along with that you can get a big block of butter cube for ₹5. One person can easily have a complete meal here under ₹100, which will be inclusive of tea that is served for ₹10.

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If the only reason that you would want to visit Lakshman Fast Food is for their Keema Parathas, then we advise you not to visit this place on a Tuesday. The dhaba serves only vegetarian food on those days, so if you are travelling all the way for just that, it might be a disappointment. However, it won’t be a waste! You can go in for the Dal Fry, Tawa Roti and the Sexy Paneer (yes, that’s the name of the dish), and it will make you return to this place.


Where: F-113, Opposite Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi

Kanika Sharma
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