8 Best Paratha Places In Delhi That Will Satisfy Your Desi Appetite

by Vidisha Khaitan
8 Best Paratha Places In Delhi That Will Satisfy Your Desi Appetite

Breakfast food might be poha or sandwiches or vada pao in India. But in Delhi, there’s only one breakfast for kings: parathas. Fat Punjabi parathas laced with butter, scratch that, layered with butter is more like it. Stuffed parathas are the quintessential north Indian meal. You might think your mom makes the best parathas but, that’s only because you haven’t tried the best paratha places in Delhi.

1. Moolchand Parantha

best paratha places
Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons (for rep)

Under the flyover is just as good as under the stars when parathas are so good. They have every kind of paratha and they’re all good. Moolchand tops our list of best paratha places in Delhi. They serve their boondi raita in a glass and you must buy it with your favourite paratha. Aloo, pyaaz or keema, we’re having it all.

Where is it: Moolchand

2. Paranthe Wali Gali

best paratha places
Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons (for rep)

We know what you’re thinking but, this is not the Chandni Chowk crown. No, this is in West Delhi, they just share the name and we don’t mind because they’re that good. Their khasta paratha redefines crisp. They’re no newcomer but people often confuse it and end up in Chandni Chowk. But, when food is at stake, we don’t make mistakes.

Where is it: Rajouri Garden

3. Pt Babu Ram Paranthe Wala

Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons (for rep)

The OG parathe in Delhi and the only one that matters [most]. You want to eat everything, but you can barely finish one serving between four people. We knew it and we ordered anyway. No regrets! Among the best paratha places, this one is a unique experience that needs no introduction.

Where is it: Chandni Chowk

4. Not Just Paranthas

Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons (for rep)

Everything in M Block market has changed but, these guys haven’t moved an inch. They have a whole menu full of parathas and that’s some serious bills they’re collecting (and paying for the location). Not just parathas is all good parathas and then some.

Where is it: GK-2

5. More Than Paranthas

best paratha places
Picture Credit: flickr (for rep)

More than parathas, yes. Do we ever need more than parathas? No! The speciality here is all healthy ingredients. So, dive in guilt free and binge on because no risks here. Their palak corn is one of a kind and no one does it better or at all.

Where is it: Faridabad

6. Varq

best paratha places
Picture Credit: feenix (for rep)

This is the only five star which has made it to our list of best paratha places. We believe in heavily stuffed parathas with butter overflowing and the higher classes are often more conscious about that kind of food. But not these guys. Their Indian comes with a modern twist and their Dal Chawal paratha is the best example.

Where is it: The Taj Mahal Hotel, Mansingh Road

7. Prisha Parantha Junction

best paratha places
Picture Credit: YouTube (for rep)

They’re in the bracket of best paratha places for more than a one reason. Taste is great but you know what’s the greatest, their size. They’ve come up with a challenge for customers with parathas bigger than our bodies. OK, we’re exaggerating but they definitely feel that way once you dig in.

Where is it: Uttam Nagar

8. Laxman Fast Food

Picture Credit: 2spiceguru (for rep)

Qutab Institutional Area is without a doubt the best recluse for all seasons. Lined with greenery, a long lane runs many dhabas with students and families making the most of life. In the summer it’s cooler than the rest of the city because of forest coverage nearby. In winter, it’s Delhi’s smog free zone. The food is served with many chutneys for the spicy tongues and butter galore.

Where is it: Katwaria Sarai

Parathas are soul food for north Indians. It’s the secret to our happiness and our fat bellies (and you thought it was beer). We can eat big fat buttered parathas any time of day. Move here and so will you!