Lazeez In Gurgaon’s Galleria Market Offers The Best Shawarma And It Costs Just ₹200

Delhi NCR lives on rolls and shawarmas. Consider it a hand-me-down from the Mughal era. It’s our comfort food, our celebratory food and everything in the middle. Naturally, shawarmas are the best in Delhi in all of India. We’re not all talk, we have the ammunition too. Lazeez Food in Gurgaon fame, Galleria Market has won even South Delhi’s heart. Why you ask?

What is it

A Chicken Tikka Roll costs ₹260 and a Chicken Shawarma Roll costs ₹200! Although, we have found shawarmas in Delhi for ₹60 and ₹100 too, these deserve their own place. They’re famous for their blend of rolls and shawarma. Minced meat with shawarma sauces and flavours but roll like girth and roti. Juicy tender meat is wrapped in a think soft rumali roti. It is served with mayo dip, green mint chutney and laccha onion. This standing stall sees more customers a day than all other big timers in the market. Galleria is a hub of great food and Lazeez is leading the scene for sure. It’s not only shawarmas that people get here. The Khameeri Roti and Mutton Korma are pretty famous too. People are willing to stand in long lines for a lone takeaway roll. No amount of time is worth going by the day without your favourite shawarma, right? If you don’t agree, you clearly haven’t tried Lazeez shawarmas.

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What’s more

Their unique modern blend of the roll shawarma is what caught people’s attention. This is not the only famous shawarma blend in town. You can also gorge on Burger Shawarma at this eatery in Delhi. They have combined the city’s two great loves and served it on one big platter. There are two small 4-seater tables, but people prefer to stand outside if the weather supports it, or just carry it home. We for one, always end up eating it on the go. We can never actually wait to get home and then eat shawarma. It’s instinct to unwrap and bite in.

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Shawarma is Delhi fuel. Everybody likes a good roll. With rumali roti and meat, you don’t even feel guilty about the calories. Sometimes Lazeez tends to use a little more oil than we would think is ideal but, often it’s the juiciness of the meet that mixes with oil and creates the façade of excessive grease. Not that any number of calories would ever get in the way of us and shawarma! What about you?

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Vidisha Khaitan
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