We Have Finally Found The Tastiest Shawarma In Delhi And It’s Just For ₹100 Bucks!

Delhi is the land of shawarmas. This middle eastern crown jewel is comfort food in Delhi. Thousands of restaurants do their own renditions in an ode to the shawarma. The best we can do is single out one in every part of Delhi. Today we lay our goodwill over one of Delhi’s long-time lover.

What is it


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Spice Aangan in SDA market opposite IIT main gate has been in an affair with the city for a while now. Years of their shawarma boxes have not deterred people from coming back rather, helped blooming habits. Delhi might have innumerable options when it comes to food, but our hearts never fumble.

This popular treasure is just a small stall in a wall. They serve fast and pack faster. It’s mainly a takeaway friendly place but that has never stopped street lovers from embracing what belongs to them right then and there. You don’t want your shawarma to get cold right? A thin roti is wrapped around flavourful minced chicken and cut into two halves. Topped with some chutney, mayo and curd-based dip, your shawarma is ready for its new home i.e. your belly. Even though there’s just a bench nearby, people insist on standing there, talking, chilling, eating. They surround the grass-less park post work or pre dinner, after parties or after ditching parties. They’re just that good!

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What’s more


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They serve shawarma singles which are two pieces and boxes which are four or eight pieces. They’re relatively light so get a box or two per person depending on your appetite. Prices start at ₹100. Their delivery is just as popular because when the cravings hit, you can’t always make it thought the traffic.

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The little stall has heavy feet. It hasn’t moved in all these years. What it has done is open a full-fledged restaurant in the same market called Urban Dhaba. It’s essentially the same food yet, the people keep coming back to where they started. While delivery is almost as good, you won’t get the feel of the place. The regulars treat it like home, streets turn into meeting points and food into conversation. Go see for yourself!

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Vidisha Khaitan
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