This Secret Cinema Club In Delhi Is Screening Horror Movies At Magical Open Air Theatres

by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 51

Halloween is not a thing in Delhi. We don’t do carved pumpkins or trick-or-treating or costumes. What we can do is low-key movie night. What’s so Halloween about that, you ask? Sunset Cinema will tell us.

What is it


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Sunset Cinema Club Republic is screening the horror world’s coolest treasures over Halloween weekend. October 31 – November 2 will decide if you can brave the Grudge or if you need A Quiet Place. SCC creates immersive cinema experiences in 5 Indian cities. Rooftops, microbreweries, venues by the beach, bars, hotels and amphitheaters are all available for your next movie night. Imagine watching the scariest movie with bae, under the stars, where you’re more exposed to the spirits of the night. See, Halloween can be a thing.

About the venues

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They’re hosting Halloween at two open air venues making perfect use of pre-winter weather. Peepal Tree is at Capital pride Akshara theatre. The outdoor movie theatre will allow people to occupy seats on first-come-first-served basis. It’s a beautiful location for Delhi’s plays, movies and artistic pursuits. Moreover, it’s literally under a peepal tree!

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The second go to venue this Halloween is a drive-in called Dome in Gurgaon. This is Delhi NCR’s only drive in cinema typical 90’s Hollywood style. Everyone will be provided with headphones and/or aux cables so you can connect it to car speakers with closed windows. No noise pollution!

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What’s more

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Entry is free! You can also carry your comfy blanky, mats and rugs for group chills and cheap thrills. Food and beverages can be purchased at the venues. Unfortunately, external foodstuff is not permitted. The gates for screening open 30 minutes before showtime of 8 PM. Halloween weekend demands PDF of tickets to save paper. Prep for winter in a whole new way with picnic mats and cuddling with bae. Watch your favourite horror / horror-comedy in a place filled with likeminded people. Who said rewatching movies is dull? Not when you do it like this!

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Delhi Halloween has really cranked it up a notch. We’re bored of club offers and halfhearted attempts at décor. There’s more to Halloween than fake webs and lipstick spills. Go all out with minimum effort to celebrate Halloween spirit!

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