We Have Found The Perfect Biking Club In Delhi For Your First Adventure!

by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 54

If you got the wheels, they got the thrills. Delhi has the best things in every nook and corner. Today we have unearthed a crazy biking club. They’ve got every kind of facility as safety nets for your first biking expedition. Hop on and glide into the wind for an experience like never before. You will surely return a different person.

What is it


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Indian Riding Association was founded by a passionate rider who’s accomplished over 500 rides. They hold a record of scratch-less success for four years of biking. Innumerable people have been led by them on the road to freedom. If you’re looking for a safe road trip, these are your guys. They guarantee fun, freedom and security. You will be well taken care of.

More than a hundred riders trust this start-up in Dwarka with their precious travel dreams. Their itinerary is made out of the thing of dreams for sure. They will take you for any kind of trip you want. Their calendar is jam packed. They organise biking tours to nearby weekend getaways like Morni Hills. They also go to and fro from Delhi to Rishikesh in just one night and two days. That’s more than ample time to take the most beautiful routes possible. It gives riders enough rest and assures them of their priorities. Slow and steady wins, the prize is an unforgettable journey. Who cares about the destination anyway!

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What’s more

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They often get a safety van to follow them for emergencies. They carry first aid and other supplies. While they are not to be held responsible for damage, they do go out of their way to help a comrade out. Every member is treated like family. Comradery runs deep. Above all, first thing’s first, and that’s rules. They keep a strict check on over-speeding, security gear like helmets and pads, and specially over inebriation. Comrades are not included in the biking fun if they want to mix it up with other types of fun too. We have to say, that’s hella comforting.

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Biking can not get more fun than this. Everybody needs somebody. Who better than somebody like you! This biking club is perfect for first timers because of their support system and experience. They understand the perfect balance of companionship and solitude. Just pick a trip that matches your bandwidth and ride along. It’s going to be a ride of your lifetime, badass bikers!

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