Forget Mini Tibet, Head To South Delhi For Most Authentic Laphing In The City

by Vidisha Khaitan

Love laphing, can’t get enough? No literally, we don’t get enough because while we wish we could go to Majnu Ka Tilla every day, we can’t. That’s not going to stop us from gorging on our favourite dish any longer. Laphing deserves to be relished, and we deserve to relish laphing. Now we can, towards the total opposite direction from North Delhi! We have found the best laphing in south Delhi! Who’s laughing now?

What is it


Image Credit: TNM (for rep)

Yo Tibet in Safdarjung opens every day from noon to midnight. It’s the perfect post work snack or pre dinner appetizer. It’s also great for brunch or dinner. It’s just great. We’re ecstatic about finding the MKT special in south Delhi. We know it sounds shocking. Laphing in south Delhi, no need to travel 2 hours away! Unreal. Believe it people, it’s a new world. The laphing here is just as spicy and the texture will make you forget all about Majnu Ka Tilla. No, we take that back nothing can make us forget. What it does do is help us carry that memory and lead us to similar joys in life, just more frequently.

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What’s more

Image Credit: myRepublica (for rep)

Laphing is served best with a smile and Yo Tibet knows that really well. The Thukpa here is also highly recommended for cosy feels on a winter night. The laphing is perfectly smooth and spicy. The dry is not too dry and ordered with soy sauce is a lovely surprise for people used to typical flavours. The food is authentic Tibetan with some other cuisines as well. You can be confident about the quality here with hundreds of reviews to prove it.

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If you miss Tenzing aunty just as much as we do, then this is the place for you. It’ll cure you of all cravings except the one for MKT feels. Honestly, the laphing is the best part. Now you can have the perfect Tibetan experience and also go about your day. The price of laphing is no longer one whole day. We can just as well even order it online sitting in south Delhi, far far away from the OG.

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