Delhi Bakery Runs #freedomfromSoanPapdi Campaign To Exchange Empty Boxes For Desserts!

soan papdi
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 59

You are going to love us because we have found the best way to get rid of unwanted sugary lumps leftover from Diwali. Yes, we are talking about everybody’s flakiest nightmare: Soan Papdi. Like Karma, they circle back. The OG passing the parcel started when Sri Ram came back, and people decided to make but never eat solid sugar syrup with questionable texture. Forget the Soan Papdi blues because you can pass this parcel without angering Karma, so you never get it back. In fact, you’ll be presently surprised to hear what Karma has in store for you if you go our way.

What is it

soan papdi

Image Credit: khaochatpata (for rep)

Delhi bakery Bakeburry is taking one for the team, one big one. They have created a safe space for people carrying the Soan Papdi curse under #freedomfromSoanPapdi. You can take your bad Karma boxes and exchange them for delicious desserts! Make no mistake, empty Soan Papdi boxes will fetch you decadent eggless merriment in your mouth. Bakeburry’s a saint but even they can’t consume Soan Papdi. Now if this was Kaju Katli, it would be a different story. Hurry! Offer lasts till October 31, 2019. Get there before D-day for a real deal dessert.

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Tips and tricks

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Heaven on Earth could only make it to Hauz Khas. You cannot avail this life saver at any other outlet. These saints are also 21st century practical people, you know like the middle lane under Buddhist philosophy. The desserts you get for FREE will be valued at half of what you bring to the table. All in all, that’s still a pretty good deal in our opinion. At least you get rid of the Soan Papdi curse and get a real treat in return. Not to mention Mother Earth will bless you. Good thing is you can do this 5 times over. If you have more than 5 boxes of Soan Papdi, you seriously need to make major changes in your social life.

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There’s more than one way to go green this Diwali. Don’t purge your Soan Papdi frustration at the cost of global warming. Do every little bit you can. Besides, this way you’re doing the world a service in two ways too: going green and lifting the curse. Who knows, maybe this is the push the Kaju Katli revolution needed all along. Go play this card and get a win-win!

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