Leela Palace Conman Was Dazzled By Luxurious Life After Working With Sheikh Of Dubai

by Deeplata Garde
Leela Palace Conman Was Dazzled By Luxurious Life After Working With Sheikh Of Dubai

So it’s confirmed that Leela Swindler was caught from Bengaluru after he fled without paying bills worth AED 1,03,535.47. From the beginning, we were concerned if he had done something similar in the past. And a quick revelation has come out from MD Sharif, the conman himself. Although he faked working currently with the royal family of Abu Dhabi, he did work with a Dubai Sheikh in the past.

Working With Sheikh Of Dubai Got MD Sharif Addicted To Luxury

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Sharif allegedly loves designer handbags, shoes, and automobiles. Officers said that if he is not in a hotel, he cannot sleep. The Sheikh of Dubai’s lifestyle, particularly the opulent residences, impressed him, the man informed authorities. In India, he wished to duplicate such a lifestyle. He also displayed his shoes claiming they were worth Rs 1 lakh. He stated that he spent Rs 10,000 on his T-shirts.

Sharif graduated from Karnataka with an MBA in finance and business management. He lived in Dubai for 7 to 10 years, working for various businesses. According to the police, they also noted that he never wed and occasionally toured with the Sheikh. But he had to return to India in 2020.

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Past Con History In Mumbai

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He allegedly travelled to Mumbai and resided for 6 to 8 months in a five-star hotel. According to the information, we have the invoice which was rough AED 3,60,176.25. The hotel has been contacted by the police and we will soon have more precise information. He allegedly intended to leave without paying the bill, but hotel officials grabbed him and forced him to pay upto AED 2,25,110.16. Despite having assets, he is not working right now.

He stole silverware and other items from Leela Palace in Delhi and disappeared without paying undue bills worth huge sums.

MD Sharif explained that his motive to stay in such expensive hotels was to socialise and interact with investors for his business plans.

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