Legend Has It, Aurangzeb Was Petrified To Set Foot Inside This Temple!

by Mallika Khurana
Legend Has It, Aurangzeb Was Petrified To Set Foot Inside This Temple!

Hyderabad is home to many popular tourist attractions like the Charminar, Chowmahalla Palace, and Hussain Sagar. The Karmanghat Hanuman Temple, whose history predates that of the entire city, is one of the interesting places you can discover if you look for unconventional places in the city.

The Ancient Temple In Hyderabad

Karmanghat Temple
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Karmanghat Temple, an ancient temple in Hyderabad, dates back more than 850 years. Because of the unusual posture of the idol in the serene Dhyana Mudra, Lord Hanuman is worshipped here as Dhyan Anjaneya Swamy. The temple houses statues of Goddess Santoshimata, Lord Rama, Goddess Saraswathi, and other deities as well.

Numerous followers of Lord Hanuman visit the Karmanghat Temple in search of his mighty blessings. They worship Lord Hanuman to protect them from sin in the same way the Lord protected the temple from the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb’s evil plans to destroy temples in order to expand his realm.

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The Legend Of Karmanghat Temple

400 years after its establishment, Aurangzeb’s troops from all over the nation descended on Hyderabad to demolish this historic temple. On his orders, his men attempted to destroy the temple. However, they were never even able to get inside because a strong, invisible force kept pushing them away.

When they informed Aurangzeb of the situation, he showed up in a rage with weapons like a crowbar to annihilate the temple on his own. Even after numerous attempts, he was also unsuccessful in entering the temple. According to legend, he could hear celestial voice command, “Hey Rajan, mandir todna hai to, karo man ghat” (Hey King! If you wish to conquer the temple, you must fortify your mind). His tools vanished from his grasp as he witnessed divine light filling the entire space.

The events were so unbelievable to him. Aurangzeb did destroy many temples in Jodhpur, Chittoor, Udaipur, etc. But this temple was unbreakable. From that point forward, this shrine was comprehended as Karmanghat Temple.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons