Is Rahul Gandhi A Coffee Or A Tea Person? Deets Inside |  Curly Tales

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Is Rahul Gandhi A Coffee Or A Tea Person? Deets Inside |  Curly Tales

Whenever we try to get to know someone, probably the first question we ask is, “Are you a coffee person or a tea person?” Well, on the latest episode of Curly Tales Sunday Brunch, Kamiya enjoyed a Sunday dinner with revered Indian politician and Indian Parliament member Rahul Gandhi. The two had some lip-smacking dishes in Rajasthan as Rahul allowed us to know him more as a person by answering all of Kamiya’s questions. Here is a snippet for you!

Rahul Gandhi and His Beverage Preferences 

In the middle of enjoying their Sunday dinner, our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani decided to play a quick and fun game called Five Second Fire with Rahul Gandhi. Rahul had to be fearless and quick to answer the questions in just five seconds. She began the game by asking him choice questions, where Rahul had to choose between two given options. The very first question made him choose between roti and rice, to which his answer was “

When Kamiya asked Rahul about his preference between coffee and tea, he gave a very different answer instead of choosing one. He said that he drinks a cup of coffee in the morning and a cup of tea in the evening, if he has to. “But normally I just drink one cup of coffee in the morning,” said Rahul. 

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Personal Favourite Eating Spots In Delhi 

We all know that nothing can beat Delhi’s food. In this episode, Kamiya asked Rahul Gandhi to recommend some of the best eating spots in Delhi. The very first recommendation that Rahul gave was Moti Mahal, which is known for its butter chicken. He mentioned some more restaurants that he likes to visit in Delhi that guarantee lip-smacking food. While reminiscing about his old Delhi days, he also mentioned that he used to love golgappas and chole bhature in Old Delhi. 

Apart from food, he also spoke about travel and his ambitions if he becomes India’s Prime Minister. If you haven’t yet watched the new episode of Sunday Brunch Curly Tales, well, you are missing out on a lot! 

Rahul Gandhi
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