Legend Ravi Shastri Speak To Kamiya Jani; Talks About Love For Cricket, Food, And Balancing It All!

by Mallika Khurana
Legend Ravi Shastri Speak To Kamiya Jani; Talks About Love For Cricket, Food, And Balancing It All!

Indian cricket has a rich history, made by many iconic players over the years. The first-ever World Cup win for us will always be the most prominent part of that narrative. Under the brilliant captaincy of Kapil Dev, the Indian team had a record-breaking win in 1983. A distinguished name among those skilled players was Ravi Shastri, a legend and an all-rounder. Early on in his career, he made a name for himself through his unmatched talent.

He might have retired from the field, but he stayed a part of the team as a coach and a commentator. On this episode of The Legends, he joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, along with the Legends League CEO, Raman Raheja. It was an episode filled with insights into his career, his love for cricket, and especially his undying fondness for food. Watch the full episode to learn about all his favourite restaurants.

The Legend, Ravi Shastri, Is A Hardcore Foodie

Cricket is a strenuous sport that requires the players to be fit. That would certainly mean that they have to watch everything they eat. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be foodies. To support our statement, Ravi Shastri shared his love for food and his interest in exploring new restaurants. Given that his job requires him to travel a lot, he believes that indulging in the local cuisine and culture is quite necessary.

He pointed out that if people whose work requires them to travel don’t enjoy it, they won’t be able to enjoy their work either. According to him, exploring all that a place has to offer is quite crucial. One must get the hang of what is popular, what flavours they like, and what suits their system.

Living by what he preaches, he shared that he had already covered the popular places in Qatar in the first two days. He had been to restaurants like Zoom, Nobu, and more. He also recommended a Sri Lankan joint, Hoppers, that he visited during his trip to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup. Make a note!

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He Matched Some Animals With His Fellow Cricketers

Ravi Shastri
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Further in the episode, he talked a lot about the beginning of his career in sports and how his mother used to follow cricket on the radio, even before he started playing. He even revealed how the scenario in the dressing room has changed since he retired. It was really interesting to get such a detailed insight into it.

To add some fun to the conversation, we decided to play ‘Who’s Who’ with him. We named some animals for him, and he had to assign them to a cricketer based on their personalities. First, we asked him to assign a shark, and he gave it to Sachin Tendulkar. On the other hand, Raman Raheja felt Virat Kohli was better suited for the title.

Next, Ravi Shastri assigned the wolf to Hardik Pandya, but Raman felt that Ravi himself deserved that title. He also referred to Ravi as the ‘captain India virtually never had’. Given this brilliant cricketer’s amazing skills and career, we couldn’t agree more! The game continued and it was a lot of fun!

This episode was a glimpse into his life like never before, and you should certainly not miss it!

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