Liquor Shops To Be Shut From Today In Mumbai; Only Essential Shops Will Be Open

by Gizel Menezes
Liquor Shops To Be Shut From Today In Mumbai; Only Essential Shops Will Be Open

Good times had just started to brew for Mumbaikars with the reopening of liquor shops in the city on Monday! But alas, like all good things, this one was short-lived too!

In its latest announcement, the BMC has ordered closure of all non-essential shops in the city, including liquor shops, citing non-compliance of social distancing norms and rising coronavirus cases.

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Liquor Shops To Be Shut In Mumbai

On Monday, when liquor shops opened in the city, people started queuing up early in the morning. After a point, such huge crowds had gathered, that Mumbaikars forgot what social distancing looked like! At some places, the crowds posed such a challenge that even the police personnel were unable to keep them under control.

This prompted Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Praveen Pardeshi to issue an order yesterday, which stated that from May 6 onwards, only essential services like ‘groceries and medical/chemist shops’ would be allowed to function in the city. All non-essential shops, including liquor shops in Mumbai will remain closed.

In his order, Pardeshi said that he had received multiple reports and inputs from the police and ward officials that gathering of huge crowds near liquor shops made it impossible to maintain social distancing, due to which at a few places, instances of law and order situations arose. He also stated that the number of positive cases in Mumbai continues to increase and the down ward trend is yet to set in, which is why such an order becomes essential.

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Image Courtesy: Mumbai Mirror

Rise In Coronavirus Cases In Mumbai

Mumbai is grappling with a huge rise in the number of COVID-19 cases. The city currently has 9758 cases and 387 deaths. On an average, it has been getting more than 400 coronavirus cases per day.

While the order is definitely a bit saddening for all those who looked to refill their stock, nothing is more important than health, right? And just think about it, all the advantages of the lockdown will be lost because of the gathering of people in large numbers. We wouldn’t want that. We want our city that never slept to be lively again, and that will be only possible if we stay home and follow all government mandated rules!

So Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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