List Of Gyms Now Open In Dubai & How They’re Coping

by Angel Merchant
List Of Gyms Now Open In Dubai & How They’re Coping

At last life seems to slowly be getting back to normal. Restaurants, cinemas, salons, barbershops, and a lot more have finally opened up. And now, for all of us depressed with our ever-expanding belly fat, gyms are now open for all! Although it won’t be exactly the same, we can all still head over to the fitness center, and shed some of those extra pounds. But before you go, make sure to read through all the new rules and regulations that are in place for all the gyms in Dubai.

Gyms Regulations

  • Gyms will reopen with a 50 percent capacity only – first come first serve
  • All gym-goers, trainers, and staff will undergo temperature checks
  • Anyone with a temperature above 37.5 will not be allowed to enter
  • Anyone with a cough, breathing difficulty, or immunodeficiency will not be allowed to enter
  • All sports facilities and equipment will be sanitized
  • Face masks must be worn at all times by everyone in the gym – exceptions are made for strenuous activities
  • There will be acrylic dividers between all sports equipment
  • Changing rooms, waiting areas, lockers, and shower baths will be closed
  • Instructors and trainer will not be allowed to gather together
  • Bathrooms will be sanitized after every use
  • There must be an appropriate social distance at all times – most gyms are carrying out a 2-meter distance
  • No two people can use the same equipment at the same time

Check out all the gyms in Dubai open for all:

1. GymNation

There are two GymNation branches in Dubai. One is in Al Quoz, and the other in Bur Dubai. The gym is opening its doors to all starting today, and have placed additional safety measures for all its customers. The entire fitness center has been sanitized by a contractor approved by the Dubai Municipality, and this sanitization process will continue throughout. All GymNation staff have undergone official Covid 19 training to be able to both ensure and assist all clients and customers. The gym will be open from 6 AM up to 11 AM every day. GymNation also boasts more fitness classes per week than any other gym in the UAE.

2. J-club

The J- club in Jumeirah Dubai is a health wellness and fitness center that has now reopened for all. During the lockdown, the J0club continued its sessions online, and many clients actually enjoyed it and preferred it! The club offers sports activities, tasty restaurants and a state of the art fitness gymnasium. It is located at the Jumeriah beach hotel resort and gives stunning views of the Burj Al Arab. They are strictly adhering to the safety measures mentioned above, and are placing in additional distancing procedures for all. You can reach them at +971 4 406 8800.

3. The Den DXB

The Den will be still offering their wide variety of classes, however, they will only run with a maximum capacity of 10 people. 9 participants and 1 trainer. Each individual will be maintaining a 2-meter distance at all times. The popular circuit training classes at The Den will be slightly different. Each individual will be given all the equipment needed in one designated marked spot, for them to use throughout the entire class. Sometimes acrylic dividers will also be used for partitioning. All the equipment used will be sanitized and cleaned thoroughly which is why classes will be reduced from 1 hour to 45 minutes. Everyone must bring their own towels and water bottles, as they will not find any at the gym. Call them at 058 532 9724.

4. Fitness First

One of the most popular gyms in Dubai, this fitness hot spot can only be used when booked. In order to work out at this gym, you must book your spot beforehand, as the center can only work at a 50 percent capacity. Booking must be made a day before, and are given out on a first come first serve basis. Anyone who shows up to the gym without a booking slot will be denied entry. Certain equipment will not be available, such as boxing gloves. The gym will continue to hold virtual classes, for all those wishing to workout from home. Reach them at 800 Fitness (348-6377).

5. UnderdogBOXN

If you feel like getting back into the ring, this boxing spot in Dubai Media city is also reopening on May 29th. All common areas and studios will be thoroughly disinfected after every use, and in between classes. Boxing gloves will be taken extra care of, they will be sanitized and dried after every use. The boxing gloves will be shuffled around to ensure there is a 24 break between every use. The boxing bags will also be spaced out appropriately, in order to allow for a safe social distance. Contact them at 04 250 1000.

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6. Barry’s

This gym in DIFC will be reopening today, however, the branch in Dubai Marina will still remain closed until further notice. The workforce will be increased in order to allow for more cleaning and thorough sanitization. There will also be a daily deep cleaning slot from 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM every day. There will be a 40 minute time period between each class for sanitization of all equipment. All handheld equipment will be for single use only. No walk-ins will be allowed in and all slots must be booked beforehand.

7. Gold’s Gym

Another popular fitness spot, this gym has also opened up, including all 20 locations in the UAE, and some in Oman! They also have a number of classes in Yoga and Zumba which are still running, following an appropriate social distance. Once again the gym is running at 50 percent capacity, so booking must be made beforehand. Live classes are still on and will continue until further notice.

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