Local Train In Mumbai Uncouples At Marine Lines; No Casualties Reported

by Shreya Rathod
Local Train In Mumbai Uncouples At Marine Lines; No Casualties Reported

An incident took place at the Western Line of Mumbai local where train to Borivali was uncoupled at Marine Lines. According to the reports, the last three coaches of the trains were detached from the other coaches. Here is what happened with the Mumbai local train.

Mumbai Local Train Uncoupled At Marine Lines

According to a Western Railway official, a suburban train in Mumbai decoupled early Sunday morning with no injuries to any passengers. Sumit Thakur, chief public relations officer for the Western Railway, reported that a delayed train headed for Borivali left Churchgate station and decoupled at Marine Lines at around 11.02 a.m.

He claimed that the train’s last three coaches were detached from the other coaches. According to a Western Railway statement, the train left Churchgate for Borivali at 10:57 am. According to the report, the passengers disembarked, and the train was driven to a vehicle yard. After the incident, slow trains headed for Dahanu were rerouted and ran on the fast track, according to reports. According to a railway motorman, there may have been an issue with the coupler that links the carriages that led to the tragedy.

What Is Uncoupling Of Train?

A coupling (also known as a coupler) is a device that joins two railway vehicles together to make a train. It is normally located at each end of a train. Manual coupling and uncoupling put crew members at a significant risk of serious injury or death. By physically lifting the drawhook to release it, uncoupling is accomplished. When a train is travelling, it may become unclasped.

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In the Murulla rail accident of 1926, a “drawhook” broke, causing a runaway train to go downhill before colliding with another train. The Round Oak railway accident occurred on August 23, 1858, when a defective coupling broke, sending 17 coaches and one brake van carrying about 450 passengers backwards down the steep slope between the stations, where they collided with the excursion train that was coming after them.

Similar Incidents That Took Place

mumbai local uncouples
Credits: Flickr/ Adam Cohn

1. Empty Local Train Coach Derailed At Central Railway Station

At Mumbai Central station, a coach of an empty local train derailed, causing the suburban train operations to be disrupted. Local passengers on Western Railways experienced inconvenience as a result of this occurrence. In the afternoon, several local train services were up to 20 minutes late. According to a Western Railway official, a local train entered the Mumbai Central car shed when one of its wheels derailed at a crossing. Few local train services were seen for up to 20 minutes as a result of this issue, although no trains were cancelled as a result.

2. Uncoupled Goods Train On UP Neral-Vangani Section

Due to an incident involving an uncoupled goods train on the UP Neral-Vangani section, commuters on the Central Railway line experienced delays this morning. Local trains on CSMT-Kalyan line were momentarily held up behind the stopped goods train. The occurrence was confirmed by Central Railway PRO, who also informed the public that actions were being taken to quickly address the issue. Shortly after, the uncoupled goods train was coupled back together, allowing for the return of regular operations.

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As a result, the railway segment has been cleared, allowing for a smooth return of operation.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

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