London Folks, Now You Will Have To Pay Toll Fee To Cross The Busiest Blackwall Tunnel!

by Shreya Rathod
London Folks, Now You Will Have To Pay Toll Fee To Cross The Busiest Blackwall Tunnel!

Linking the London Borough of Tower Hamlets with the Royal Borough of Greenwich, The Blackwall Tunnel is one of the oldest architectures. In order to increase trade and commerce in London’s East End, the tunnel was first made available as a single bore in 1897. Now, it is the busiest route in London! But, London folks have to pay a toll fee to cross the Blackwall Tunnel!

London Folks Will Have To Pay Toll Fee To Cross Blackwall Tunnel!

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Credits: Wikimedia

One of the busiest and most significant Thames crossings in the capital, the Blackwall Tunnel, will soon require a toll. It is one of the few river crossings in east London at the moment and spans the Thames between Greenwich and Poplar. Blackwall is actually made up of two tunnels, the second of which was erected 70 years after the first was constructed in 1897.

This new toll introduction is because of the Silvertown Tunnel. The Silvertown Tunnel, which is now under construction, will connect Greenwich and Newham when it is finished in 2025, creating a cross-Thames road link in east London.

The Silvertown Tunnel, according to the TfL website, will reduce traffic and speed up travel. But the tunnel will charge a fee to cover maintenance costs. Therefore, a toll will also be implemented at the Blackwall Tunnel to encourage drivers to use both of them.

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Tolls Will Help In Managing Traffic

blackwall tunnel london
Credits: Wikimedia

According to TfL, tolls at the Blackwall and Silvertown tunnels will assist manage traffic levels in addition to paying for construction and maintenance. Additionally, it appears that any extra money will be put into the city’s larger transportation system.

Although the actual cost of the toll hasn’t been disclosed, it was suggested back in 2012 that cars might pay £2, vans £2.50, and trucks £5. It was also mentioned that prices might go up during rush hour. It must be emphasised, nonetheless, that these rates are in no way guaranteed.

We may anticipate that the Blackwall Tunnel toll will go into force in 2025, regardless of what occurs. Keep checking back for new information.

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So, London folks, are you ready to pay the toll fee to cross the Blackwall Tunnel?

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