London Has The Most Beautiful Homes In Europe, Says Pinterest. Check Out The Top 10

by Shreya Ghosh
London Has The Most Beautiful Homes In Europe, Says Pinterest. Check Out The Top 10

There is something special and attractive about Europe. Most of us have that dream to go on a dreamy European tour and explore world-renowned destinations. Be it the architecture or the vibes or the travel experiences impressing foreigners, one thing that is a favourite among all is the houses built in European cities. The beautiful homes have a different aura; an old-school charm, even in 2023. Isn’t it?

We Are In Love With Europe & Its Architecture!

Beautiful Homes
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A mesmerising part about this continent is its architecture and the glory of it sparks in everything from century-old establishments to recently-built houses. Europe is home to uncountable beautiful houses and Pinterest recently ranked the cities according to the homes there. From Amsterdam to Paris to Venice to London, each city has a distinct representation, and the historical charm of these cities beautifully reflects in the houses.

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The aesthetic outdoor decor, stunning terrace designs, the rustic charm in walls, and a lot more come together to add the most eye-catching aura to these properties. We can never get tired of looking at these beautiful homes and the designs and architecture.

These European Cities Have The Most Beautiful Homes

Beautiful Homes
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Finding out the top cities having the most aesthetic properties can be a bit hectic as there are way too many stunning homes to assess for this. Alan Boswell Landlord Insurance has recently attempted a great way to evaluate the results and to do this, they used the Pinterest platform. They used the tag ‘(city)+home’ and found out the numbers of boards and pins of the European cities on Pinterest, according to a report by TimeOut. In fact, the company rated the cities on the basis of aesthetics.

And the winner is none other than London. Ranking first on the list of the top 10 European cities with the most beautiful homes, the city got a rating of 9.87 out of 10. The England capital has about 85,000 pins on Pinterest.

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Ranked By Pinterest, These Are The Top 10 Cities In Europe Having The Most Beautiful Homes:

  1. London: 9.87/10
  2. Paris: 9.66/10
  3. Berlin: 9.65/10
  4. Amsterdam: 9.47/10
  5. Naples: 9.34/10
  6. Athens: 9.13/10
  7. Rome: 9.12/10
  8. Barcelona: 8.91/10
  9. Venice: 8.8/10
  10. Bristol: 8.66/10

Do you also love the aesthetics of houses built in different parts of Europe?

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