London’s Iconic Banner’s Restaurant Is Closing Down After 30 Years. Folks, Bid Adieu!

banner's iconic london restaurant
by Shreya Rathod

It is hard to say goodbye to your favourite place, whether it’s home or restaurant or pizza place. Well, London folks are going through the same thing. The city’s iconic restaurant, Banner’s, is closing down. After 30 years of serving some mouth-watering delicacies, this legendary place is bidding goodbye.

Banner’s In London Is Closing Down After 30 Yrs!


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Banner’s is an iconic restaurant located in London’s Crouch End. They shared an Instagram where they expressed gratitude towards their customers that have walked through the doors for 30 years. They further informed everyone that the restaurant will shut down in September.

After breaking the news to their staff, they received collective emotional reactions. It was a perfect illustration of the personalities of the lovely group of individuals who, through the years, have self-styled the vibe of the restaurant.

According to the owner, she brought an old kebab shop that turned into Banner’s, the legendary restaurant that everyone knows today. For 31 years, they have shared laughs, formed friendships, created memories and whatnot! The post further states that it is not a goodbye yet, however, it is a heads-up for their loyal customers and a reminder that Banner’s is open till September.

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Why Is This Little Place Legendary?


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Located in North London, this place served all-day breakfast and brunches that included American buttermilk pancakes, brunch quesadillas, Jamaican ackee & salt fish and Banner’s potatoes and two fried eggs. Apart from this, they served wraps like Jerk Chicken wrap, BLT wrap, Falafel wrap and more.

People always came back for their juicy burgers and fish and meat meals. And not to forget their after-drinks and sweet desserts. They have everything for everyone, and that includes specialised meals for kids! As for drinks, they served a variety of drinks including cocktails, mocktails, beer, cider and wine.

It is a quaint place with a cosy ambience that is perfect when you want to devour delicious food and read your favourite book. Most importantly, Bob Dylan also visited this place!

London folks will certainly miss this beautiful place and the memories that it holds!

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