London’s Soho District Walls Are Now Pee-Repellent; Urine Will Bounce Back When Peed On

by Ananya Singh
London’s Soho District Walls Are Now Pee-Repellent; Urine Will Bounce Back When Peed On

To pee or not to pee? Urinating in public is upsetting. So, after receiving complaints from locals, Westminster City Council in London has started a special campaign to discourage people from urinating in public. And for this, they introduced the public to pee-repellent walls. What are they? Well, read on to find out. 

Use Of Pee-Repellent Paint To Target Public Urination

Pee Repellent Wall
Image Credits: Westminster City Council

An innovative solution to the ongoing issue of public urination is being tested in a key London neighbourhood, known for its nightlife but also home to thousands of residents. The solution? Anti-pee paint. In Soho, a network of clubs, restaurants, theatres, as well as residences are using the specialised spray-on chemical to disinfect the walls at nearly a dozen trouble spots. The powerful “surface protection” provides a clear water-repellent barrier that, when hit, sprays back urine, giving violators immediate retribution.

Imagine immediate action without involvement. This is what pee-repellent paint achieves. It is already in the demonstration with a bottle of water. It shows the innovative invisible paint’s splash-back ability. On receiving concerns from 3,000 residents of Soho and workers and business owners, Westminster City Council initiated the effort. Public urination is a menace and the neighbours are really disturbed by this. Who likes stepping outside their front door in the morning only to smell the stench of pee? This strives to guarantee every local citizen’s right to a healthy, secure environment.

What If We Have ‘Pee-back time’ In India?

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Speaking about the past, in India, the Agra Railway Police launched a campaign to penalise offenders about two years ago. People who peed in public were punished with a 24-hour jail sentence and a fine of roughly ₹500. Although the cops accomplished a remarkable action, when the threat of arrest passed, it was all for nothing.

By putting all the blame on the cops and moving on, one cannot resolve the problem. True, nature’s call should not be avoided, but women have been raised and schooled to use a urinal only when one is accessible. It’s time for guys to start doing their part. If not, nothing educates better than getting a taste of your medicine! Pee-repellent coatings need to be introduced in India as well, and soon. If laws, police, public awareness campaigns, and fines don’t work, then THIS WILL.

The water-repellent coating in the paint causes urine and other liquids to rebound back onto the offender, soaking them. Currently, the paint installation is in five areas in London, including Westminster and Central London. Are you hoping for something like this in India too? Comment to let us know!

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Cover Image Courtesy: Wikipedia, Flickr