Long Haul Flight? Follow These Tips to Look Like An Angel

by Sneha Pai
Long Haul Flight? Follow These Tips to Look Like An Angel

Prolonged hours in a long haul flight can make you look like a mess. Do you agree, ladies? And this is precisely why I was full of awe of beautiful creatures like this one below!


I have always been envious of how Miranda Kerr manages to pull off this prolonged-hours-in-a-parlour look of hers everytime she gets out of the airport.

Well, we might not be able to look like her, but these 5 hacks will certainly ensure you don’t look like a mess! Also, boys, you don’t forget the must-have gadgets I have mentioned to kill time while you are at it!

1. Stretch As Much As you Can Before Boarding

Hit the gym before boarding for a good sleep in your flight. Stretch and prepare for the long haul by doing some (window) shopping once you have checked-in because you might not get to stretch so freely once you board.

While you are in the flight, you could take a stroll. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and do things you normally do as far as possible.

Pro-Tip: Carry a pull-over or a blanket (it can get very cold at night), travel pillow and eye mask.


2. Pick A Seat Near The Wings

Why? Well, first few seats are closest to the restroom and hence a hotspot for families and toddlers. So, unless you are confident you can deal with screaming kids, stay close to the wings.

Long Haul Flight - Wing Seat

Also, during turbulence, your seat will be less bumpy as compared to other seats. *ting*

3. Charge Your Devices

What devices? I have mentioned the must-have gadgets to carry before boarding a long haul flight. Plug in and keep them ready so you can kill time while you are up and until you are going to land.

Must-Have Gadgets: USB Cable (to charge your gadgets), USB Battery Pack (In case the in-flight TV doesn’t connect to your device), Camera Phone (for those sitting next to a window), iPad or kindle (whichever you prefer), and noise cancelling ear plugs.

4. Beat The Timezone Before It Beats You

What next after finding the seat and putting your gadgets to charge? Congratulations, you have gifted yourself a peaceful sleep. Adjust your clock to your destination’s time zone and catch some beauty sleep in the first half of the flight. That way, you will be fresh and energetic by the time you land.

5. Get Changed Before You Land

Wearing pyjamas and a baggy t-shirt can get you pretty comfortable while you are inside. However, you do want to be well-dressed when you are landing in a new country.

Carry an extra pair of t-shirt and undergarments along with your make-up kit to transform yourself before you land. Tadaa! You are good to land now.


Pssst… if all else fails, get yourself tipsy (100 ml bottles are allowed without any further restrictions)!


While you are at it, here’s how you pack like a pro!

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