Looking For US Visa Renewal? You Might Get To Ditch The In-Person Interview!

by Mallika Khurana
Looking For US Visa Renewal? You Might Get To Ditch The In-Person Interview!

The hassle of getting a visa for the United States of America is known to all. It is a tedious process. However, there is some great news for Indians in this regard. If you are someone looking for a visa renewal, it is time to count your blessings! All those visa holders with “department authorisation” or “clearance received” on their previous visas can now opt for an interview waiver when applying for a new visa.

US Embassy In India Announced It On Twitter

The Department of State is constantly making efforts to make the visa application process streamlined and more efficient, and this waiver is a major part of the process. To shed more light on this update, the US Embassy in India posted an update via Twitter. Take a look at the tweet:

Announcing the big news for those applying for US visa renewal, they further advised the applicants to check their website for the eligibility criteria. This waiver is going to come as a great relief for all applicants who previously had to sit through an interview at the embassy.

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Here’s An Overview Of The Eligibility Criteria

US Embassy
Photo Credits: Canva

If you are looking to opt for the interview waiver process, here’s what you must know about it:

1. Within 48 months of expiration, you have to apply for a visa under the same category.
2. For travellers applying for visas under categories F, H-1, H-3, H-4, non-blanket L, M, I, P, Q, and academic J, consular officers can waive the interview, irrespective of the previous category of their visa.
3. This authorisation will not help those whose applications were formerly denied.
4. The consular officer is also authorised to solicit an in-person discussion in case more data is needed.
5. Once the passport is received at the Visa Application Centre, it will take up to three weeks for it to be prepared for pickup.
6. It will not be possible to retrieve the passport once it has been submitted.

Surely, this waiver is going to make things very convenient for many travellers. Check out their website for more information on eligibility right away!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva