“Loot Machavi Chhe,” Says Gujju Man Upon Finding Gathiya Worth ₹130/100g In A Scottish Village!

An Instagram creator found fancily named gathiya and Bhavnagri gathiya in the Scottish Highlands and the Internet is loving his peak Gujju behaviour.

by Tashika Tyagi
“Loot Machavi Chhe,” Says Gujju Man Upon Finding Gathiya Worth ₹130/100g In A Scottish Village!

You can take a Gujju out of Gujarat, but you can’t take their love for Gujarati snacks out of them! A UK-based Gujarati man was visiting a Scottish village when he stopped by a grocery store. He was happy to find some Gujarati snacks like gathiya in the Scottish Highlands but was immediately put off by their weird, fancy names and high prices (compared to Indian standards). This resulted in a hilarious rant in Gujarati and the Internet is loving this peak Gujju behaviour!

Man Finds Fancily Named Gathiya In Scottish Highlands


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An Instagram content creator, Jay Joshi, was visiting the Scottish Highlands recently and his visit to a local grocery store there resulted in a funny rant! He found ‘chickpea noodles’ and ‘chickpea twists’ there, which were basically fancy names of Gujarati gathiya and Bhavnagri gathiya. This triggered a rant where Jay hilariously said, “yeah gathiya che gathiya!”

What was even more funny was when Jay converted the price of these snacks into Indian rupees! A 100g packet of gathiya in the Scottish village cost £1.25 (₹129.5). This got the most hilarious reaction out of Jay who funnily said, “Loot machave chee” seeing all the prices. He concluded the video by saying, “These people are putting fancy names and just ripping us off!”

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His Reaction Leaves The Internet In Splits!

gathiya Scottish Highlands
Image Courtesy: Canva

This video has since gone viral and people on the Internet are loving Jay’s honest, Gujju reaction. Here are some comments you cannot miss out on.

gathiya Scottish Highlands

gathiya Scottish Highlands

gathiya in Scotland

Of Course, fellow Gujjus had to correct him to let him know that it was Champakali gathiya and not the Bhavnagri one!


This was absolutely hilarious! You wouldn’t be Indian if you didn’t mentally convert every foreign dime you spend in rupees! Let us know your thoughts on this fun video in the comments section.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/arrogant.artist

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