Delhi’s Lord Of The Drinks Is The Best Thing To Happen To Mumbai

by Akriti Seth
Delhi’s Lord Of The Drinks Is The Best Thing To Happen To Mumbai

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Lord of the Drinks, Andheri will mesmerize you with it’s simple yet elegant setup. Visit this place to have a perfect evening with your loved ones.

Video Tour of Lord Of The Drinks #InAMinute 

Have you seen the 60-second video that sums up the ambience, interiors & the dining experience at Lord Of The Drinks?

No? Then we suggest you scroll up & watch the video!

What Is It?

Spread across an area of 8,500 sq. ft, Lord of the Drinks has two levels. With both alfresco seating and indoor seating, this place will certainly come to your rescue when you want to go out over the weekend. Not just weekend but also the weekdays, when you can unwind and relax with some delicious cocktails and delectable finger foods after an extremely exhausting day.

What Is In It?

Located in the hustling-bustling Veera Desai Area, as you enter Lord of the Drinks you are welcomed by extremely jovial staff. There is a huge al fresco dining space across where you are served delicious food, drinks and Sheesha. Yes! They serve Sheesha!

Followed by the eclectic lamps, customised décor and a stunningly large collection of dangling lights transporting you into a utopic universe, is the lovely indoor seating. There is ample space for you and your gang to have the time of your life here – in dim light setting.

On both the floors are two extravagant bars with an extensive menu that includes refreshing margaritas alongside contemporary favourites such as frozen cocktails and an array of fine liquor.

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What To Eat?

When here, you have to have to try their Chukandar Galouti. It’s Galouti with no meat. Vegetarian. The kebabs are made of kidney beans and beetroot and it is absolutely delicious! It tastes like the authentic Lucknowi Kebabs and are paired with the lovely coin parothas.

Chukandar Galouti
Chukandar Galouti

Oh! And Lord’s Freak Burger is quite freaky with melting cheese oozing over the burger with crisp lettuce and an amazing meat cutlet in between. It’s going to be quite a sloppy ride finishing it.

End your food, with the delicious Paan Ice-cream Martini that comes along with rabdi. It also comes with quite a smoking hot (not literally!) presentation.

What To Drink?

As the name suggests, Lord of the Drinks; they are certainly the Lords in their sphere. The vast array of experimental drinks will surely amaze you.

Orange Blossom and Mexican Margarita, being my favourite of the lot. Like I already said their presentation is way above the top. You would also love to try the Apple Foamintini which is a lovely blend of Vodka, Green Apply Liqueur, Lime juice and Elder flower syrup topped with Blue Curacao and Mint Foam.

Apple Foamintini
Apple Foamintini


The best part about this place is the ample space and experimental cuisines and drinks. The decor is quite quirky and we love the colourful skull cutlery they’ve designed for the place.
The food is good. However, we suggest you go here for the drinks – which is the clear winner!


Where: Ground Floor, Aver House, New Link Road, Veera Desai Area, Mumbai Veera Desai Area
When: 12 Noon to 1 AM
How Much: ₹1,500 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Spirit souls and food-lovers, head here for an ultimate dining and drinking experience


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