Lost & Found! 8 Ancient Indian Cities That Were Once Lost & Discovered Later

Dholavira, Dwarka and more such ancient cities of India that were once lost.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Lost & Found! 8 Ancient Indian Cities That Were Once Lost & Discovered Later

India as a country has a plethora of stories related to history, culture, religion, food, heritage and much more. Every aspect tells us something different yet unique through its history. Why would India not be, it’s the seventh-largest country in the world! There is a reason India is also called ‘Incredible India’. One such incredible fact is that many ancient cities of india, including the popular ones, were once lost. They were later discovered and some cities were known to have world the earliest planned settlements. Let’s check out some of the mysterious cities of india. 

A List Of Ancient Lost Cities Of India That Were Found Later

1. Dholavira In Gujarat

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You might have read about Indus Valley Civilisation in detail during your school days. Dholavira is one such ancient lost city of Indus Valley Civilisation. It was discovered by Jagat Pati Joshi around 1967 AD – 1968 AD. Our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani visited Dholavira back in 2022 and witnessed this excavated site. She saw the stepwells, reservoirs, terracotta-related stuff and other such things. Upon discovering this ancient city, it was discovered that it was a well-planned design and settlements.

2. Vijayanagar In Karnataka

Ever visited Hampi in Karnataka and explored all the ancient locations? Vijayanagar is one such place that was built around the famous Virupaksha Temple. It was discovered by Colonel Colin Mackenzie in 1800 AD. What is interesting about this place is that Ramayana talks about this place as Kishkinda! It is still a very pretty place for exploration. 

3. Dwarka In Gujarat

There is a city in Gujarat called Dwarka which is also known as the sacred city of Lord Krishna. It was discovered in 1983 AD and is a popular city in india. Some parts of it are still submerged; pillars, stones, antique stuff and more are still visible under the water. Apparently, it submerged six times! 

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4. Rakhigarhi In Haryana

Let’s again roll back to the times of Indus Valley Civilisation! This ancient lost city in india was discovered in 1965 AD. Rakhigarhi is one of the largest and oldest settlements back then. Guess what was found at this excavated site? If you remember, Indus Valley Civilisation was known for its highly developed drainage system, roads, rainwater systems, terracotta, bronze structures and more. Rakhigarhi had these!

5. Nagarjunakonda In Andhra Pradesh

This ancient lost city of india is located in the middle of Nagarjuna Sagar dam. It is in the Guntur district and is an island. Upon discovering, there were a plethora of white marble depictions of Buddha’s pious life. If you are an ardent follower of Buddhism, this place is highly recommended. It was also the ex-capital of the Ikshvaku dynasty. 

6. Kalibangan In Rajasthan

After much research by the Archaeological Survey of India, it was stated that this site is the earliest ploughed agricultural field ever! This is a cool fact to know since one of the main occupations of india remains farming. It was discovered in 1919 AD by Luigi Pio Tessitori.

7. Sanchi In Madhya Pradesh

Sanchi was discovered by British General Taylor in 1818 AD. it is known as one of the oldest ruins of india and seeped deep into history. You will be enlightened by so much history and stories about Buddha in this ancient lost city of India. Sanchi is now known for the great Ashoka Pillar and its Greco-Buddhist-style stupas.

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8. Muziris In Kerala

Plan to visit the banks of Kodungallur’s Periyar River in Kerala and explore the ancient history and so much more. The artefacts that were found here would surely boggle all the history buffs out there! The artefacts belong to starting from West Asia, Egypt, Yemen and all the way to Rome! It was first discovered in 1945 and then multiple and major aspects were added over the years. 

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