Lost Your Baggage Or Delayed Flights? Saudi Airport Announces Compensation Up To SR6,568

by Deeplata Garde
Lost Your Baggage Or Delayed Flights? Saudi Airport Announces Compensation Up To SR6,568

It’s a normal scenario for us to watch someone lose baggage at the airport. Delayed flights have also become a very common phenomenon. But what happens later? Do we get compensated by the airport? Well if this happened in the Saudi Kingdom then you will! Saudi Arabia has announced compensation rules and amounts for the people whose flights are delayed or lost baggage at the airport.

Compensation Rules For Lost Baggage & Delayed Flights In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s civil aviation authority has ushered in a transformative era for air travel with the announcement of comprehensive passenger rights protection regulations. Set to take effect on November 20, 2023, these regulations encompass every facet of the air journey. It extends its safeguarding umbrella over ticketing, in-flight services, baggage handling, and catering to passengers with special requirements.

Central to these trailblazing reforms is the empowerment of passengers with unprecedented compensation entitlements. Situations involving flight delays, cancellations, overbooking, and unforeseen stopovers will trigger compensation of up to 200 per cent of the ticket value. This monumental shift also includes lost or damaged baggage. In such an instance, the passenger will receive a potential compensation that could amount to a significant SR6,568.

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Enhanced Travel Experience In The Kingdom

Passengers possess the right to terminate the contract with the air carrier should a flight delay exceed 2 hours. Within Saudi Arabia, both passengers and air carriers will adhere to well-defined responsibilities. These substantial amendments extend to air passengers in Saudi Arabia who are assured compensation if an undisclosed stopping point is appended to their itinerary subsequent to the reservation’s creation.

This transformation extends its protective embrace even to passengers with special requirements, as well as seasonal travellers partaking in significant journeys such as Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages. The Vice President of the General Authority for Civil Aviation for Quality and Traveler Experience remarked that these regulations epitomize the authority’s unwavering dedication to traveller satisfaction. It also shows its resolute commitment to enhancing the travel experience across the Kingdom’s skies. By cushioning passengers against unexpected alterations in air travel and furnishing enhanced options, Saudi Arabia’s aviation sector is ushering in an era of unparalleled passenger welfare.

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