The Middle Land Called Spiti Between India & Tibet Is Untouched by Tourists & So Picturesque

by Kritika Kukreja
The Middle Land Called Spiti Between India & Tibet Is Untouched by Tourists & So Picturesque

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Himachal Pradesh’s Spiti Valley houses a secret – the peaceful and harmonious village of Hikkim. 

What Is It?

Himachal’s Spiti Valley is in the heart of the Himalayas, with Tibet to the East and Ladakh to the North. Spiti is a cold desert connected by few roads that has evolved a distinct culture of its own, uninfluenced by a globalised world.

Experience the pureness of nature in the peaceful and loving village of Hikkim. It is a cold dessert village with a warm heart. It has the world’s highest post office at 14,567 feet above sea level! You can even visit the world’s highest village – Komic village. It is located at 15,027 feet above sea level. 

Spiti Valley
Spiti Valley

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What Else?

Among snow clad mountains, Spiti Valley is untouched by the world and still maintains its charm. Get surrounded with smiling faces and spread the joy around with Spiti Valley’s Hikkim village. From late May to September is the best time to travel to Spiti Valley.

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How to reach: You could reach by two ways. By road, either via Manali or from Shimla. You could choose the former way because it will take you nearly 12-14 hours, but the latter might take you 2 days.
What to carry: The cold winter months are harsh, but the sunshine is equally harsh. Make sure you carry warm clothes, along with hats and sunglasses to protect you from the sun.

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