Love Ranveer Singh? Then Head Over To Birds On A Wire In Prashant Vihar To Have A Ranveer Shake

by Angel Srivastava
Love Ranveer Singh? Then Head Over To Birds On A Wire In Prashant Vihar To Have A Ranveer Shake

Nerd alert! All of you out there crazy about films, cartoon, characters, and all things nerdy, we’ve found the perfect place for you to head over to hang out with the squad. Birds On A Wire in Prashant Vihar, Delhi is a quaint little cafe serving some of the creamiest, and most delicious shakes. But here is the real deal, these shakes are all named after different celebrities, famous characters, and even cartoons!

Image Credits: Birds On A Wire

What Is It?

Birds On A Wire is a newly opened cozy little cafe in Prashant Vihar, New Delhi that boasts of an Insta-worthy ambiance, and finger-licking good food. They have brick walls, adorned with posters with inspirational quotes, and a lot of book options to pick from to indulge in with a cuppa hot coffee or one of their delish shakes.

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Image Credits: Birds On A Wire

They do not have a very large menu, but as limited as it is, it covers all our cravings! From cheezy pasta, to delicious pizza, they serve everything. Our search for the perfect Peri Peri Fries (after McDonald’s of course) also ended with Cafe Bird On A Wire.

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What’s In It?

While the food and ambiance are all on point, the main reason, to hit this cafe is to get your hands on one of their popular shakes. They serve some 20 odd varieties of milkshakes, and they are all named after some famous celebrity or character.

Image Credits: Birds On A Wire

Some of the stars these shakes are named after include Ranveer Singh, MC Sher, Shin Chan, The Joker, Kylie Jenner, Doraemon, The Mummy, Dan Bilzerian and not to forget Mia Khalifa! The cups these shakes are served in are as quirky as the drinks itself, with an animated caricature of the character.

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Image Credits: Birds On A Wire

Wait, the drinks menu doesn’t end here! Cafe Birds On A Wire has a lot more for you to sip and slurp on. They serve delicious Lattes and you’ve got to try their De-Caf Mint Hot Chocolate, and the Cold Choco Frappe. For those eating healthy, they have cold-pressed juices as well that you can pick from.

So, Ranveer Singh, or The Joker, who is it going to be for you?

Address: Cafe Birds On A Wire, A-53, Opposite Lancer Convent School, Prashant Vihar, New Delhi
Timings: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Price for two: ₹500 (Approx)