This Stunning Rajesh Khanna Inspired Van ‘The Treat’ Van in Chanakyapuri, Delhi

  • Address : The Treat, Behind Jesus & Mary College, Rizal Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
  • Date & Time : 12:30 pm to 1:00 am
  • Cost : ₹500 (Approx)

If food and films are the two big things in your life, then you definitely know of & adore 70’s superstar Rajesh Khanna. But there is someone in Delhi who has taken this love a notch higher by creating a Rajesh Khanna Inspired Cafe called ‘The Treat’. Rajesh Khanna was a legend and this is probably the best way to pay him a tribute.

Located in Chanakyapuri, behind Jesus and Mary College is ‘The Treat’ a Chinese food van that stands out because of being completely covered with pictures of the late actor, and some of Rajesh Khanna’s popular songs playing all day long.

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Image Credits: The Treat

What Is It?

‘The Treat’, more commonly known as the ‘Rajesh Khanna Chinese Food Van’ is one of the most popular food joints in Chanakyapuri and is regularly frequented by college students and film fanatics from all across Delhi. It is one of India’s very first celebrity-themed restaurant and is owned by Mr. Vipin Kumar Oberoi, Rajesh Khanna’s BIGGEST fan.

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Image Credits: The Treat

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Mr Oberoi became a huge fan of ‘Kaka’s’ work after watching Aradhana and wanted to meet him once. His dream turned into a reality when Rajesh Khanna was signed by his brother for a movie called ‘Ashanti’ in the year 1981. The two met on the sets of the movie and soon became close friends. Mr. Oberoi even helped Kaka during the 90s when he was contesting for the Lok Sabha elections in Delhi.

Image Credits: The Treat

He got so submerged into helping the legendary actor win the election that he moved in with him to help him with campaign. This put a lot of strain on his relationship with his wife who ended up asking him to choose between him and Rajesh Khanna.

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Image Credits: The Treat

The stress took over Mr Oberoi who tried to kill himself but was saved by Kaka who then stepped in to show him a way to move forward with life. It was then that the actor suggested that the two open the food outlet and suggested Oberoi cover it with his pictures so that people keep on coming even after he is long gone.

Rajesh khanna

Image Credits: Top 10 Tale

What’s More?

There used to be times when Rajesh Khanna himself used to cook, serve and select the menu. You can hear all the tales of the great actor by the owner and Rajesh Khanna’s close friend, Vipin Kumar Oberoi himself.

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Rajesh khanna

Every year on Kaka’s Birth and Death Anniversary, the owner has made it a ritual to serve free food to anyone who visits his eatery. The place might be small but it is always crowded and swarming with people to get their hands on some of his one of a kind non-fried mutton Koftas.

Address: Behind Jesus & Mary College, Rizal Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
Timings: 12:30 pm to 1:00 am
Price for two: 500 (Approx)

Check out their Zomato page to read through reviews and more.

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