Love Spicy Food? Do These 5 Things To Prevent Burning Sensation

by Vinita Jain
Love Spicy Food? Do These 5 Things To Prevent Burning Sensation

It’s normal to feel a burning sensation after eating spicy food. Yes, we’ve all experienced that feeling when our mouths were on fire and the burning sensations seem endless. Luckily, it lasts only for a few minutes. As most people may know, the ‘spiciness’ of hot foods comes from capsaicinoids, non-nutritional compounds that our brains interpret as excessive amounts of heat and pain.

The first step after a tingling sensation is to drink water. And that’s where we go wrong. Capsaicin is oily, and drinking water basically disperses this molecule in your mouth, increasing the burning sensation. So, what you should do to prevent those burning sensations? Should you avoid spicy foods? These hacks will help reduce the burning sensation.

1. Milk-based Products

Choose milk or full-fat sour cream or yogurt—it works just like detergent, like loosening greasy particles when washing dishes. Milk dissolves and removes capsaicin from the reaction area. Milk products like cottage cheese and sour cream also work.

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2. Alkaline Foods

The acidity of spices can be neutralised with these alkaline foods. Oranges, tomatoes, lemons, and pineapple share similar properties. They definitely help prevent sensations.

3. Sweet Products

A teaspoon of sugar or honey can quickly soothe the burning sensation. This is because the oil-based capsaicin is absorbed into sugar or honey, making you feel better. You can also opt for mithai and pastries.

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4. Bread, Tortilla

Starchy foods add bulk and act as a physical barrier between capsaicin and your mouth. You can eat bread or tortillas to do the same.

5. Avocados Or Bananas

Not just these two but any creamy vegetable and fruit can help in preventing the sensations. Because of the silky texture capsaicin can be removed easily.

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