Lucknow Airport: Luggage With Apple MacBook Stolen From Flight’s Overhead Bin

by Shreya Ghosh
Lucknow Airport: Luggage With Apple MacBook Stolen From Flight’s Overhead Bin

We often hear about incidents of people losing their belongings while travelling to a place. Recently, we came across a news about a passenger’s luggage getting stolen at the Lucknow Airport. In a shocking incident inside the flight, a man’s bag carrying some expensive belongings got stolen from the overhead storage of a flight. What really happened inside the aircraft? Let’s get to know all about it here.

Passenger’s Bag Carrying Apple MacBook Got Stolen At Lucknow Airport

Lucknow Airport
Picture credit- Canva

Mudit Rai is the passenger who faced this terrible experience at the Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport on November 3, according to a report by The Times of India. He boarded flight I 52472 from Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport to land in Lucknow. En route, he took a nap and this was when the blunder happened. When he went to the overhead storage bin and started looking for his bag, he realised that someone had stolen his backpack.

He was carrying an expensive Apple MacBook Pro16 costing around ₹2.70 lakh in his backpack. It is owned by the company he works for, Walmart. There was his vehicle key, flight ticket, and his ID in the bag too. When he opened a same bag that he saw in the overhead bin, he found some old outfits inside. He was in utter shock after realising the fact that his belongings got stolen from the overhead storage inside the plane.

Soon, he rushed to the cabin crew of the airline and airport staff and asked for assistance about the entire terrible incident. The Times of India report stated how he had to convince them for hours so that they could find out the person behind this. It was indeed a horrifying experience for him. Someone stole his bag and laptop while standing near him but Mudit did not even realise it as he was taking a nap. We can only imagine the turmoil he experienced.

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Mudit Later Filed A Complaint

Lucknow Airport
Picture credit- Canva

The passenger filed an FIR regarding the incident on November 4. Sarojini Nagar Police have registered his complaint under the IPC 380. In a conversation with The Times of India, Mudit shared how he was waiting at his seat for passengers to take their bags and leave. After some time, he opened the overhead bin, saw a bag like his, and was in shock to find that it had only old clothes. He thought his luggage might have been swapped with another passenger and informed the crew about the same.

They asked Mudit to talk with the airport operator. He further added how it was not a mistake swap but an intentional stealing incident as the similar bag had only a few old clothes and no one would book a costly ticket to fly to Lucknow from Bengaluru with just those clothes. Lucknow airport operator has found someone carrying an airbag backpack similar to Mudit’s. They have provided the photo of that person with Bengaluru airport and the airline.

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Have you ever faced an incident like this?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, Canva

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