Madhya Pradesh Serves Mouth-Watering Delicacies & This Twitter Thread Is A Proof!

by Shreya Rathod
Madhya Pradesh Serves Mouth-Watering Delicacies & This Twitter Thread Is A Proof!

Madhya Pradesh is an Indian state with a rich history. In addition to beautiful monuments, the state serves delicious food. The state was ruled by various dynasties — namely, Mughals, Gwalior, Guptas and Britishers — that influenced its culinary history. You will find lip-smacking dishes like Keema Pulav, Gwalia kebabs, etc. But, most importantly, the state serves some of the best vegetarian dishes. This Twitter user posted a thread of tweets with interesting vegetarian dishes from Madhya Pradesh — take a look!

Vegetarian Dishes From Madhya Pradesh

A Twitter user, Vertigo_Warrior, posted a thread of tweets that featured ten popular vegetarian dishes from the state. Here are some of them

1. Khasta Kachori

Originally from the Indian subcontinent, kachori is a deep-fried sweet and sour-delicacy.

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2. Bhutte Ka Kees

Bhutte Ka Kees is a delectable, simple and speedy street meal from Madhya Pradesh. It is essentially maize that has been spice-cooked and stewed in milk, making it a unique vegetable dish.

3. Dal Bafla

The food Dal Bafla is from Madhya Pradesh, which is in the centre of India. In basic terms, the meal is a baked dough ball that is served with a side of tangy dal.

4. Indori Poha

Poha with Jalebi is one of the most well-known street cuisine snacks from Indore. In contrast to the Maharashtrian version, onions are put to the poha as a garnish rather than being sautéed.

5. Imarti

Imarti is a dessert with a circular form that can be served warm or cold. Its flavour and preparation are quite similar to those of the well-known Jalebi.

6. Khopra Patties

The Khopra Patties, often referred to as Coconut Patties, are deep-fried aloo tikkis that have grated and garnished coconut packed inside of them.

7. Malpua

A malpua is a sweetened breakfast that is typically eaten with morning tea, afternoon tea, or as a dessert.

8. Palak Puri

When making palak puri, spinach puree, wheat flour, and additional spices are combined. It tastes best when eaten hot together with chilli pickles and mango chutney.

9. Papad Ki Sabzi

Fried papad pieces are used to make Papad Ki Sabzi, which is a sauce mixed with flavorful masalas and curd.

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10. Gujiya

Gujiyas are sweet dumplings filled with a delicious khoya and dry fruit mixture and prepared with maida or wheat.

Cover Image Courtesy: Vertigo_Warrior/Twitter