Madhya Pradesh’s Sanchi Will Soon Be The First Net Zero City In The World

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Madhya Pradesh’s Sanchi Will Soon Be The First Net Zero City In The World

Madhya Pradesh has many cities that are popular for their heritage, culture, and natural beauty. One of them is Sanchi. Sanchi is known as a heritage town and is home to the revered Sanchi Stupa, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. The city is all set to be the first net zero city in the world.  

Sanchi Will Be The First Net Zero City Soon

The government of Madhya Pradesh is leaving no stone unturned to develop Sanchi as the first net zero city in the world. The town is known for its historic and religious significance. 

Principal Secretary, Department of Energy, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Sanjay Dubey said that the concept calls for utilising wind energy, peso-electric floors, solar parks, rooftop solar projects and electric vehicles. It also includes the sink around Sanchi to cover the water bodies and woodland areas, as reported by The Economic Times

Their aim is to let the world know that when it comes to renewable energy, they don’t only do the talking but also do on-ground execution. Sanjay Dubey spoke at the  “Scaling Rooftop Solar in Madhya Pradesh” event earlier this week. This event was organised by the Centre for the Study of Science, Technology, and Policy (CSTEP). 

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A Floating Solar Power 

CSTEP has conducted surveys for rooftop solar potential in five cities and Sanchi is one of the five cities.

The primary premise of the plan is to replace all current fossil fuel energy use with renewable energy, not only to start off electricity consumption from renewable energy sources. 

Sanjay also mentioned that they are in the process of creating the world’s largest floating solar project. Its capacity will be 600 MW. They are hoping to complete it this calendar year, as the first phase is already underway. A tranche is also under the process of bidding, which has a capacity of 300MW. This project will be built on the Omkareshwar dam.

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