Maharashtra Bans Plastic Laminated Cutlery & PET Bottles To Combat Plastic Pollution

by Sanjana Shenoy
Maharashtra Bans Plastic Laminated Cutlery & PET Bottles To Combat Plastic Pollution

The Central Government in order to ban plastic pollution in India, took a significant step to ban the sale and consumption of all single-use plastic items from July 1. This included banning plastic cutlery and plastic straws when eating out. Violators, who continue to use single-use plastic items may have to shell out hefty fines and even face imprisonment. Meanwhile, Maharashtra has banned plastic laminated cutlery and PET bottles. Read on to know more.

Plastic Items That Maharashtra Will Ban

Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde announced on July 26 that the production and use of plastic-coated and laminated items in Maharashtra will be banned. Back in 2018, Maharashtra imposed a strict ban on thermocol items, spoons, plates, PETE bottles and one-time use plastic bags. So, you can expect to stop finding plastic-coated disposable cutlery like glasses, plates, cups, forks and other containers made from aluminium or paper.

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Maharashtra’s Bid To Tackle Plastic Pollution

And it’s not just disposable cutlery, but even single-use plastic bags with thickness less than 75 microns were also banned from September 30, 2021. And plastic carry bags with lower thickness than 120 microns will be banned from December 31, 2022. Sub-standard plastic truly poses a threat to the environment and adds to the growing issues of plastic pollution in the country. So, this is the reason the Maharashtra government banned it. Meanwhile, have you heard of Delhi’s Garbage Cafe?